Odd DIY Jobs Anyone Can Do Around The House

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You might suppose that DIY is something that you’re just not cut out for. You’d rather work for your money by doing something you’re good at, and then pay someone else to do the things you’re bad at. While there’s a logic to this, the fact is that there are certain DIY tasks that just about anyone can do effectively, given a small time commitment and the right tools. Let’s look at a few of the odd DIY jobs anyone can do. Once you’ve gotten a feel for DIY, you might find that you’re more confident when something goes wrong.

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Odd DIY Jobs Anyone Can Do Around The House


Hanging up pictures

If you’re going to hang up a picture, then you’ll need to make sure that you’re not about to put a hole though an electric cable or a pipe. There are, fortunately, tools which will give you peace of mind before you wield the drill. Make sure that you figure out whether you’re drilling into plasterboard, or into brickwork, and select your drill bit accordingly. Items like Milwaukee drill bits tend to be reliable for use.


Painting is the task that DIYers tend to be most willing to tackle. What matters here is that you get a high-quality roller, and paint with decent coverage. Invest in a pole sander and sand between coats, and learn to cut in properly at the edges. The secret is to put enough paint on the wall that you can ‘push’ it into the corner. Give yourself a chance to practice, and it’s pretty therapeutic.

Bleeding the radiators

This one’s easy. Wait until the heating isn’t on, and go around the house with a radiator key. When the air at the top of your radiators has been released, you’ll enjoy much more efficient heating.

Fixing the sofa

If the spring in your sofa should snap, then you don’t need to be a master carpenter to replace it. Take a knife to the interior of the sofa (somewhere that isn’t going to be visible. Find out what length of spring you need, and hammer in the replacement. The appropriate fixings are usually supplied with the springs. Then tape the sofa up when you’re done.

Weeding the garden

Weeding is a basic garden maintenance task that just about anyone can deal with. Pay particular attention to the pathways, and to areas where you’re trying to grow other plants.

Putting together flat-pack furniture

Flat-pack furniture can be frustrating when the instructions are vague or confusing, but if you’re patient and you set aside enough time, it’s something you can tackle fairly easily. When you get confident, you might even look into making improvements to the designs, by installing braces here and there, and by fixing surfaces to the wall.

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