New vs Part-Worn Tyres – Which Should You Buy?

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When it comes to tyres, there is one thing that most drivers learn early on – they can be expensive. To reduce these costs, some retailers sell part-worn tyres for lower prices than would be paid for new ones. But do these tyres stand up to scrutiny? Are part-worn tyres good value for money? Let us take a look at the differences with new vs part-worn tyres.

New vs Part-Worn Tyres


New Vs Part-Worn Tyres

The Law

Under UK law, it is not illegal to sell part-worn tyres. However, they must meet certain standards.

They must have at least 2mm of tread depth throughout the surface of the tyre – the legal limit is 1.6mm. Many garages and mechanics recommend maintaining a depth of at least 3mm for complete peace of mind. And they must not have suffered any structural damage.

This means that the sidewalls must be in good condition, with no bulges, cuts or cracks and the contact surface of the tyre should be complete too, with no gaps or signs of damage.

Finally, part-worn tyres must have emblazoned on them, in letters at least 4mm high the information that they are part-worn. This legend must be permanent and not liable to being washed or scrubbed away.

The Pros To Part-Worn

Part-worn tyres are cheaper. When you buy a second-hand car, you are almost certainly also getting part-worn tyres along with it, and for the most part, this is fine.

But common sense and peace of mind demand that new tyres are fitted to the car as soon as it comes into your possession – and someone buying these tyres could well find themselves with a bargain, good tyres with plenty of tread, that will last ages. Some part-worn tyres are sent to the UK from Germany, where the legal limit is 3mm, which means that these can be great buys for the thrifty driver.

The Cons

Using anything that someone else has previously used puts you at a disadvantage. The tyres could have been used badly, and then made to look good for a short time – long enough to get your money off you! – before failing.

Also, when you buy new tyres, you get the benefit of 8mm of tread depth, which takes a considerable period to wear down. Buying tyres with only 0.4mm of legal tread depth means that you will be putting your hand in your pocket for another set of tyres in just a few months’ time.

So In Conclusion

This is not to say that every good driver should avoid part worn tyres. If you know you will be getting a new car in a month or so, part worn tyres will do the job until your new motor arrives. The same applies if you are going to sell the car any time soon. The tyres should be decent, but you do not have to pay for a full set of brand-new tyres that you will not benefit from in any significant way.

Should you buy new or part-worn tyres? Go with the choice that makes sense for your needs at the time. However, if you’re someone who’s looking for new car tyres in Basingstoke then we do have a recommendation for you.  You can buy car tyres in Basingstoke from Headley Tyres. Either visit their garage or shop online conveniently with just a few clicks!

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