A New Sewing Challenge

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m never one to say no to a challenge. I would describe my sewing ability as a confident beginner, but I am always trying to learn more and increase my skill. So, when a recent challenge came up on instagram, the #greatbigpatternswap, I decided it would be a great way to tackle something new. I love a new sewing challenge!

A New Sewing Challenge



The sewing community on instagram is a great way to pick up tips and see what other people are creating. There are some great clothes being  made out there. And the sewers of instagram are an incredibly friendly and supportive group of people.
The pattern swap challenge was the idea of Alice (@the.polka.dot.palace) and Emma (@thezipperfoot)
The whole idea of the pattern swap was to go through your own patterns and pick out one (or more) that you would never make, then place a photo on instagram, and post it to the first person who wanted it.
In return you would pick from other patterns posted by other instagrammers and they would post their patterns to you.
You then needed to make the pattern you have received.

Finding the perfect pattern

I found, shared and posted some patterns that I didn’t think I would ever make. And luckily I spotted and received several patterns back.
One of them was a children’s dress pattern that I thought would be perfect for Elizabeth. A pattern for making a princess style Disney-esque outfit.
The perfect opportunity to use tuile and satin, both fabrics which I had never used or sewn before.  Definitely a new sewing challenge.
I bought some satin and tulle(a metre of each) from Minerva, and off I went.

New sewing challenge

To be honest, the satin wasn’t too bad to work with. You need patience and a pressing cloth when pressing seams, but otherwise it was just a bit slippy when compared to cotton. I just used a very small stitch length.
I did go a little ‘off-piste’ with the pattern. I’m not that confident with zips, so I went for a button closure on the back of the bodice. And I will admit to winging it completely with the tulle. It was an absolute nightmare to work with, but I worked with it the best way I could.

The finished product

The finished dress - simplicity 1074 in dark purple satin with tulle overlay

It’s not perfect, but it is passable. Most of all, I can look at it with the satisfaction of knowing that “I made that”. It’s a nice feeling.
I don’t know if I will revisit this pattern again soon. I know that I maybe won’t work with tulle for a while!
But it has been a great way of finding out and learning new skills. At the end of the day I now have a far increased respect for the ladies who create wedding gowns on My Big Gypsy Wedding!

 Why not see some of my other makes on my original Instagram account here, or the Instagram account for A Rose Tinted World.
I would love to see your makes, or your ideas for a new sewing challenge. Do tag me on social media, or comment below.
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A New Sewing Challenge

4 Replies to “A New Sewing Challenge”

  1. Rosie Doal says:

    Oh this is so adorable. Purple is my favourite colour so win-win there. I just wish I could sew – what a skill x #AnythingGoes

  2. Mrs Mummy Harris says:

    oh wow that looks great! My nan used to sew my mums Latin and Ballroom dresses which I find fascinating!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Wow! Your nan must’ve been a really good seamstress. Those costumes are usually quite intricate. Thank you for reading


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