Make Your Home Stand Out With Vinyl Flooring

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Make Your Home Stand Out With Vinyl Flooring



Is your home a hub for social gatherings? Would you like it to be one? Do you love to entertain but are afraid of damage to your flooring? If you said “yes” to these questions, then you need vinyl flooring.

Interior designers and home design specialists are utilising vinyl flooring across the country. Giving their clients home the look and style of state-of-the-art properties, at a fraction of the cost. And making cleaning simpler than ever before. Vinyl flooring can do so much for your home that you may not have realised. Here are some of the major benefits.


Impress your guests


From cosy nights in with your significant other to large gatherings with friends, vinyl flooring is there to make sure your guests remember your gorgeous home.

Vinyl flooring is perfect for keeping in the warmth from your underfloor heating during those cold winter nights when you’re cuddled up watching a film. And even better for showing off to all your friends. With an array of design patterns, shades, and textures to choose from, your dream home is a dream come true! 


State of the art kitchen


If you like to get messy in the kitchen, or the chaos of daily life makes your kitchen look like a war zone, don’t worry. Because vinyl flooring will make sure your guests or never know!

Vinyl flooring is your best friend when it comes to dinner time or dinner party-time. With a moisture resistant coating, as well as scratch guard technology, you can make as much mess as you like. Your floor will go back to looking brand new after a simple mop or wipe.


Living room floor to dancefloor


If your home is the location for every celebration then vinyl flooring can make sure you’re not just the host, but the life and soul of the party. With anti-slip properties, as well as incredible durability, your vinyl flooring will see you through so many social events. You’ll never want your social calendar to be empty.


Personalise it


If you have a certain desire to express your artistic flair or unique sense of style in your home when searching for a new flooring, you may be surprised to know the simple and effective ways that flooring can be personalised to your taste and style.

Using a simple click or glue down method, vinyl tiles or planks can be manufactured to suit a room of any shape or size. Combining this factor with the ability to use style patterns such as Parquet, Herringbone and even borders, in all mix of shades imaginable, can give you total freedom in your design strategy.


Unleash your homes potential


Making the design to use vinyl flooring in your home will never leave you without choice. Everything from installation to colour is completely your decision. The most reliable vinyl flooring companies will offer you samples before you buy.

For those who need variety and durability, Amtico Spacia has it all. Stone or wood effects are at the forefront of this range with some incomparable benefits, which leaves a lot to be desired. Luvanto is a go-to for interior designers and home renovators as it allows those who install it in their homes to have total design control.

Luxury vinyl flooring makes does the work to protect you from permanent damage to your flooring. So you can relax and be the host with the most!


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