Lotherton Hall Bird Garden and Wildlife World

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Are you looking for a place near Leeds to see birds, wildlife, history and nature? Recently, we decided to have a trip to the Leeds Zoo, Lotherton Hall Bird Garden and Wildlife World.

*This Post has been updated – it was first published in February 2019

Lotherton Hall Bird Garden And Wildlife World

Lotherton Hall and Wildlife World - What to expect from a day trip to this stately home and museum and zoo attraction near Leeds, UK. Days Out in Yorkshire, England. What the cost of tickets is and how to get discount. Derr park and gardens to explore. Bird garden and wild animals that make up the exhibit. Other attractions on the site, and our review of our visit.

Lotherton Hall bird garden and Wildlife World can be found just to the east of Leeds. What is there to do at the attraction? Read on to find out!

The History of Lotherton

Originally, Lotherton Hall, Aberford was the home of the Gascoigne family, who settled here at the end of the 19th Century, and built Victorian and Edwardian extensions onto the existing Regency property. They established lovely Edwardian gardens, and a sunken Italian garden. It has a deer park, orchards and lots of walking trails.

During World War I, Lotherton was used as an infirmary. Just as lots of stately houses around the country were used to treat soldiers from the front. The heirs to Lotherton, however, were sadly killed in World War II. And the last of the family bequeathed the estate to the city of Leeds. And to the Leeds Museums.

Lotherton Hall and Wildlife World - the Hall

Finally, in 1968, it was reopened as a museum and stately home by Leeds City Council. A bird garden was opened in the grounds of the hall, and for many years this was a free attraction. Up to a few years ago you could come here and pay just for parking, and the bird garden and other grounds were free. You only had to pay for visiting the hall and displays.

Renaming Of The Attraction

However, in recent years, the bird garden was looking a little tired. The attraction has been upgraded. And because of this it was rebranded to become Lotherton Hall and Lotherton Wildlife World. For a set cost, you pay at the gates for entrance to the hall, deer park, estate, playgrounds and bird garden.

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Unsurprisingly, this has had mixed reactions if you visit Trip Advisor reviews. A lot of people baulk at paying to visit the house and grounds. They hark back to when the parking was cheap and the bird garden was free. However, I feel that the facelift of the new Wildlife World is where the money has needed to be spent.

Lotherton Hall Things To Do


Initially on our visit, we were ushered around the estate to park on a dedicated back field. This did have cellular parking track on it, but I am not sure how muddy this would get in very wet conditions. We were a little further away than the original small car park next to the courtyard (which is now reserved for disabled patrons only) but not too far away, even for our 3 year old to walk. And this does mean that a lot more people can park at the hall.

It actually meant that we had to walk through parts of the estate that I had never seen in all the years that I have visited the hall, so I was actually quite glad for this. We saw a lot of the gardens and natural trails around the back of the house which are really lovely. And these are often forgotten in favour of the wild life and bird garden.

Lotherton Hall and Wildlife World - trails

The Hall

Lotherton Hall is normally closed in January and February, apart from guided tours at 11am and 2am. Though you still pay the same full price all year round. Therefore, this is something that I do not agree with. I feel that there should be an ‘off-peak’ price for these months. However, despite having said that, we did not really want to see the hall.

Lotherton Hall features lovely furniture, decorative art and ceramics, and has some wonderful fashion galleries and costume displays. The upstairs of the hall is also not open all year round. (Again this is a little bone of contention if you see the Lotherton Hall reviews on Trip Advisor!)

Lotherton Hall and Wildlife World

The Grounds

The grounds of Lotherton Hall and Wildlife World feature an extensive deer garden with hides, two playgrounds and lots of lovely gardens. There is even a small cemetery where the pets of the Gascoigne family are remembered.

Without a doubt these are worth exploring and visiting, and you can spend a lot of time here without even visiting the wildlife world.

Furthermore, there is a cafe and toilets in the Courtyard and Stables of the house, which also houses some of the old carriages belonging to the family.

Lotherton Hall Bird Garden – Wildlife World

In recent years this has changed considerably. There is a new entrance, with a walkway and gift shop, and a brand new flamingo enclosure.

Lotherton Hall and Wildlife World - flamingo enclosure

There is also a large new penguin enclosure, featuring viewing areas that show these gorgeous animals swimming underwater. This is a large area with other birds featured. And feeding times for the Humboldt penguins are great times to visit and see the birds.

Lotherton Hall and Wildlife World - penguins underwater

Lotherton penguin enclosure

In addition to this there is a new nocturnal section to the zoo. With lots of bats, rats and other interesting animals to discover.

It is clear that there are new enclosures being built, whilst old enclosures are having a much needed facelift. Old favourites such as the Condor exhibit and Ostrich enclosure are still popular. Also, there are new enclosures for other animals such as warty pigs, tapirs and capabarra.

Undoubtedly this has all taken a considerable investment, and so can see why the price has been increased. We really enjoyed our day out to Lotherton Hall and Wildlife World, and still think it is worth the price.

Lotherton Hall Tickets – Lotherton Hall Entry Fee

You can pay on the gate, but it is cheaper to book online ahead.  Lotherton Hall Parking charges are included in the price. You have to book a timed ticket, but we didn’t find that anyone really kept to a time. 

It costs £9 per adult and £4.50 per child (5-15) . Under 5s are free.

Click to book on their website here

Find out more information including a map of Lotherton Hall 

Further to this, you can get reductions with a breeze card, Leeds Card or Family LeedsCard. In addition, you could also buy a Lotherton Hall annual pass.

See here how to get a Leeds Card.

Admission to Lotherton is free to Lotherton members, members of the Leeds Arts Fund, Friends of Leeds City Museums, the Museums Association, The National Arts Collection Fund, Yorkshire’s Great Houses Castles and Gardens card holders and MAX card holders.

Lotherton Hall Address and Opening Times


The hall can be found at Lotherton Lane, Aberford Leeds LS25 3EB.

The estate opens at 8am, the Hall and Wildlife World open 10am to 5pm and the estate closes at 7pm.

Have You Enjoyed This Lotherton Hall Review?

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Have you visited Lotherton Hall And Wildlife World? If you have, what were your thoughts? I do love to hear your views. Why not comment below, or find me on social media to tell me what you think. 

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Lotherton Hall Bird Garden and Wildlife World. This Leeds Zoo has plenty to see and do. See what there is to do in this Leeds Museums park.


25 Replies to “Lotherton Hall Bird Garden and Wildlife World”

  1. Sue says:

    It looks like a nice day out, I love going to places like that seeing the animals. Bourton on the water is a gorgeous place to visit, it also has Birdland which you can pay to enter and has penguins in an enclosure a bit like that.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Love Bourton. Not been for a long time. That sounds lovely.

  2. Britt K says:

    This looks like such an incredible place to visit with all the birds, and I LOVED learning about the history. I am a little bit of a history nerd that way… We’ll have to check it out if we’re ever in the area
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      There needed to be a price increase or it would have stayed the same sad bird garden forever.

      1. Jo Boyne says:

        Yes, the house does look really severe compared to other country houses. But yes, the flamingoes are lovely.

    1. Emma says:

      My hubby’s side of the family are based in West Yorkshire so I’m always looking for places we can visit! Thanks for sharing! #blogcrush

      1. Jo Boyne says:

        This a great place for a few hours, as is Temple Newsham, which is also mentioned. Thank you for reading!

  3. Morgan Prince says:

    It sounds like a great day out, even if you do have to pay. I think it’s lovely that rather than close the place they decided to upgrade it and charge for entrance.
    Thanks for sharing with #pocolo

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I can totally understand why they had to put up the prices.

  4. Lucy At Home says:

    We once tried to go to Lotherton Hall but when we arrived, it was closed! And we have never attempted it again. But I think my girls would love this (especially as they have a soft spot for flamingos at the moment!). It sounds like good value for money and I’ll pin this to remind me to look at visiting again! #blogcrush

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you Lucy. What a shame it was closed! But yes, the flamingoes are just lovely here. I personally do think that it is good value.

  5. Q x says:

    Dear Jo,
    I did NOT know there were flamingos at Lotherton Hall. This is a revelation and I cannot tell you how happy this has made me. Thankyou for blogging about it.
    Love from Q x

  6. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    This sounds like a wonderful day out! I imagine the new animal enclosures would be nice to see and it’s good they’re investing in facelifts. I do understand people balking about prices but I have to agree; it’s money well spent as these places, from buildings to grounds and animal upkeep, all cost a lot to keep them running, staffed and in good condition. Fab review, I’m glad you’ve republished as I’m sure getting out is something many of us are daydreaming about after lockdown life..!


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