Line Of Duty Bingo

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Are you looking forward to “Line Of Duty” coming back? Binge watching all the seasons of the show so far? Well this post is for you. If you love ‘Line Of Duty’ then you will love Line Of Duty Bingo – see who can get a full house with my game cards where the whole family can play!


Line Of Duty Bingo


Line Of Duty Bingo - are you watching this popular TV series? Well here is a game you can play with friends & family whilst watching the BBC hit police drama show. Print out these 5 cards or make your own using all the possible catch phrases and typical scenarios from the programme.


There are some brilliant TV shows in the schedules at the moment. A new season of “Taskmaster” started on Channel 4 last night. “The Falcon and Winter Soldier” starts on Disney+ and “Wandavision” has just ended. If you need to binge then my personal multi-season favourites at the moment are “Parks and Recreation” and “Schitt’s Creek”.

But, my favourite EVER programme ‘Line Of Duty” is back this weekend. If you haven’t seen it, it is a slick yet gritty BBC drama that follows a police anticorruption unit trying to suss out bent coppers.

The drama is now starting a 6th series, and each series is interlinked, so I would definitely recommend catching up on all the old episodes. It is gripping viewing. It has some great characters, and in turn they come out with some amazing lines and catchphrases.

So, with this in mind I have produced a selection of 5 Bingo Cards so that you can play Line Of Duty Bingo along with the show. Each card has a selection of phrases that the characters may use, or common scenarios that happen during the shows. 

Will Ted Hastings turn out to be “H”? Will AC-12 get to the bottom of the corruption? Does Ryan Pilkington feature in the upcoming series?

I cannot wait to find out.


How To Play


As each of your phrases or scenarios happens, cross off the box on your bingo card. The middle square is a free one, but maybe there could be a bonus prize for a mention of particular past characters?

Play along with your house or friends by sharing this post and printing out the post to get the cards below. Maybe you could even set a prize for the first player to complete their bingo card? 

Alternatively, up at the top of this post is a blank card for you to choose your own favourite sayings and scenarios from the show. Make up your own perfect card.


Line Of Duty Bingo Card

Line Of Duty Bingo Card

Line Of Duty Bingo Card

Line Of Duty Bingo CardLine Of Duty Bingo Card

Find the show on BBC1 at 9pm on a Sunday. Or catch up on BBC iplayer.

Happy Playing and enjoy the show!

3 Replies to “Line Of Duty Bingo”

  1. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    Hahah what a great idea! I think fans will love to do this – it’s a great idea! I really, really enjoyed Parks and Recreation but I have to admit I’ve never seen a single episode of Line of Duty. I’m clearly missing out. Enjoy the upcoming epsiodes!x

  2. Anne says:

    I love it! I can see most of those being ticked off in last night’s program….but I bet everyone playing wishes there was a box for CHIS 🙂 I have watched every season of LOD but I have to admit I do spend 90% of the time completely baffled by what is going on.


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