Lily Blanche Key Locket Review

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Are you a fan of jewellery? Have a special occasion or birthday coming up? Or have you started looking for the perfect Christmas gifts already? Well, today I am going to show you a wonderful personalised gift idea that may be just the thing that you are looking for. Here is my Lily Blanche Key Locket review. 

*Ad – I was sent a white gold and yellow gold Lily Blanche Key Locket to review for the purpose of this post. Ultimately though, this review is my honest opinion. For more details see the Disclosure Policy

Lily Blanche Key Locket Review


I do love personalised jewellery, don’t you? Jewellery is a wonderful gift that can stand the test of time and can be handed from generation to generation. Nothing is more personal than a locket that holds special photos of your loved ones or pets. Understandably therefore, I was delighted when Lily Blanche asked if I would like to review one of their range of intricate personalised photograph pendants. 

I clearly remember the first locket pendant that I ever owned. I was about 6 and was incredibly excited to receive the gift of a small gold pendant that would fit 2 tiny pictures inside it. It still remains a very precious piece of jewellery to me, though it is totally too small for me now. Cutting and fitting the pictures inside was an incredibly fiddly task for my dad! But it still holds wonderful memories for me, and it will be passed to Elizabeth in the years to come.

I was very interested to see therefore if I could make a heirloom piece that I myself could wear today with Lily Blanche.

Who Are Lily Blanche?

Lily Blanche is a Scottish family company, founded by Gillian in memory of her grandmother Lily.

The company aim is to create the heirlooms of tomorrow from the conversation pieces of today. Using only precious metals, real gemstones and pearls, they make their jewellery in a studio in Stirling. They love creating pieces which reflect the individuality and creativity of the wearer. And they specialise in personalised, intricate lockets and charms.

Indeed, if you view their online store you will find a whole range of gold, white gold, rose gold and 925 sterling silver jewellery. Including intricate lockets that can be engraved and/or personalised with photographs. Along with a whole host of other beautiful gift ideas that are perfect for many occasions.

The price of their range lies between £40 for a small silver pendant and chain to £460 for the more ornate and elaborate pieces. And personalisation with engraving and photographs does cost a little extra. 

I was offered a White Gold Filigree heart key locket to review. The price of this starts at £150, but retails at £190 with the personalisation that I chose.

Using The Lily Blanche Website To Create A Personalised Locket

Once you have chosen your desired locket in the Lily Blanche online shop, you get the chance if it is applicable to personalise your item right there on the website. Or you also get the choice to email your preferences afterwards.

You can upload your chosen photographs or email those too. I emailed my photographs in.  No more needing to search for a tiny picture to fit inside your locket at home. Lily Blanche take care of fitting it into the locket for you!

What Did I Think?

My filigree heart shaped white gold locket arrived merely 2 days after ordering, which I thought was an incredibly quick dispatch. I was incredibly excited to open the package.

And I was definitely not disappointed!

Lily Blanche Packaging

Firstly, the presentation is just superb. The parcel arrived as a lovely outer box but beneath this was a layer of perfumed tissue, a gift bag, and a beautifully packaged and luxurious looking inner box. Inside the box itself the locket lay inside a velvet bag. And a separate envelope held a useful polishing cloth and a very handy ring sizing tool!

Lily Blanche Key Locket Review - we were sent a white gold filigree heart locket with yellow gold charm for our opinion. Is it a good gift idea? See our thoughts.

In addition to this, the white gold filigree heart locket with its little gold key charm looks perfect, exactly how I had wanted it. And finally, the photographs inside were wonderful quality, positioned in exactly the same way that I had placed them when I uploaded them. No fiddly cutting or fitting required!

Lily Blanche Key Locket Review - we were sent a white gold filigree heart locket for our opinion. Is it a good gift idea? See our thoughts.


I am sure that this locket and the photo content within it will remain one of my most prized possessions for years to come. And I was totally thrilled at the quality of the item and the service that we received from Lily Blanche. I would definitely think of them in future when looking for special personalised jewellery purchases.

Have A Discount On Lily Blanche


As Christmas is coming you too may be looking to give that someone special a piece of jewellery this year.

Why not use this discount code that Lily Blanche gave to all my readers/followers. Just pop in the code Joanne10 before checking out for 10% off across the site. 

Do you think that you will be giving something like this Swarovski Birthstone Heart Necklace this Christmas? I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below, or do contact me over at my socials.

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Lily Blanche Key Locket Review - we were sent a white gold filigree heart locket for our opinion. Is it a good gift idea? See our thoughts.

3 Replies to “Lily Blanche Key Locket Review”

  1. Anne says:

    I remember my Mum always wore a locket and I love them. This one is particularly beautiful, I’d love to receive something like this as a gift. Your photos inside are really good too. (I still have my Mum’s locket with photos of my Dad and little brother as a baby.) I love the key too, that’s a really nice addition. I’m a bit jealous!


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