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Have you ever wanted to speak a different language? Maybe you have been on holiday and really wished you could converse with your hosts better? Or do you need the skill of speaking a different language for business purposes?  Well read on, as today’s post introduces a brilliant new way to learn. In a matter a days you could learn a new language with LearnLanguages24. 

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Learn A New Language With LearnLanguages24





If there has ever been anything that I wish I was better at, it would be to be able to speak multiple languages. Yes, I did several languages when I was at school, but over time I got out of practice.

It is certainly true that if you don’t use it then you lose it!

So years of visiting Spain and Italy haven’t even really helped me to keep up to being able to speak and understand the native tongue when going abroad.

I’ve rued for a while the fact that I did not keep up to date with learning various languages. And I would also love my daughter to be able to speak lots of different languages. So when I was approached by Learn Languages 24 I was intrigued to see how they could help me achieve my dream of becoming a polyglot.

Who Are Learn Languages 24?


LearnLanguages24.com  provide lifetime access to online courses that have 7,000 words and phrases, which is at least twice as much as all other language course providers.
Their website is easy to navigate and has 79 different languages to choose from.
Each language has a range of courses within it. So if you just need the basics course then you can just choose to learn that. Or there is often a business course available for any given language. This is perfect for the business traveller that needs a specific set of language skills and vocabulary. 

What Are The Courses Like?

As you log into your course you are first assessed at how much you already know of the language. For instance, I am learning Spanish, and I was asked some basic vocabulary to assess my level before taking me onto my course.
On the website, you get to choose how long you spend every day on learning. You can spend any time from 3 minutes to 2 hours. The average time spent is 17 minutes. But the course is optimised to ensure that you get the best of any minute that you spend learning.
Each day you build on the knowledge of the day before, and so very soon you are becoming so much more proficient in listening, reading and understanding your chosen tongue. You learn at your own pace.
Finally, the website has some unique features, such as being able to choose whether or not you wish to learn with specially chosen ‘learning music’ playing in the background.
And there is even the ability to activate a ‘meditation’ state of learning. Music places you in a meditative state whilst vocabulary is played. You can learn a new language whilst you are relaxing. 
I am loving learning a new language.

And So Can You!

LearnLanguages24 have courses for 79 languages and recently achieved the milestone of 600,000 satisfied customers. To celebrate their success they are offering a temporary 60% discount, with lifetime access.
Furthermore, they are currently providing an exclusive 3 for the price of 1 special offer that is only available to my readers!
If you purchase a course you will receive any two additional courses of your choosing for free, regardless of the language or the price. The free courses can be for the same language or a different language. The 3 for the price of 1 also applies if you purchase the full range of courses for your chosen language. You will receive the full range of courses for any two other languages for free. This is the most popular option, as it ensures you become multilingual.
You can pass all of your courses on to your family and / or friends as beneficial gifts, at any time in the future, regardless of how much you have used the courses.
Simply purchase a course / courses from: https://www.learnlanguages24.com
Once you have purchased the course/s that you want, then send an email to info@learnlanguages24.com mentioning my name and the courses you would like for free with the 3 for 1 offer. It’s that easy.
There’s never been a better time to learn a new language online. Using this time to upskill is both highly rewarding and immensely beneficial. The fact that you can currently get a 60% discount, as well as 3 for the price of 1, makes this excellent value for money. This is a bargain that you will not find elsewhere.
By broadening your horizons you create more options, more freedom and have a lot more fun. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to significantly improve your quality of life. Anytime. Anywhere.
Which languages will you choose? I would love to hear what you decide. Do comment below, or tell me via my social media channels.
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Learn A New Language With LearnLanguages24 - need to learn a new skill for school, business or pleasure? Then this website is for you! Become a multilingual polyglot. This unique website can teach you 79 languages both at basic, advanced and business level. Great features such as SuperLearning music and meditative learning take your learning experience to the next level. Upskill in a new tongue.


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