Late Bloggin’

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When is a blog not a blog? When it’s late. This week I shall be mostly Late Bloggin’. Sometimes life gets in the way…

Late Bloggin’

For those of you who do follow my blog (and why wouldn’t you? It is absolutely chock full of information…have you not seen my Motivational and Funny Weight Loss Quotes for instance? GO NOW…QUICKLY) you will know that I usually have a post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday….with the odd extra posted in there.

This week has all gone to pot. I’m late blogging’ in a big way.

I have an excuse. My little girl has been poorly. You may have seen my post about her being a child with sleep apnoea?

Well, last Friday we had a call from the hospital. There had been a cancellation, and could we come in on Monday?


After 18 months of waiting, she was finally at the top of the list for having her adenoids out. Her adenoids were causing the apnoea, and she has been on the waiting list since March for removal, so we said yes to the operation.

But then my anxiety kicked in. It is a general anaesthesia. There are always risks, and I have spent a lot of my clinical time as a dentist telling parents about these. Was everything going to be ok? She is my absolute world. If you have read my post about being an older mum then you can probably understand how I must have felt.

The weekend really dragged, but I managed to get my Monday post all completed. But not a Wednesday post. I thought I might have chance to do it whilst I was waiting in the hospital for the procedure on Monday. Or whilst being awake with my little girl after her operation on Monday night. I can’t sleep in hospitals.

But no. I ended up not sleeping, but not really having the energy to blog either.

Strangely enough, a couple of beds away from Elizabeth was a little boy who had badly broken his leg and had had to be airlifted to Leeds from the East Coast. Wow. Made me realise how lucky we had been when we had a toddler with a broken leg! Makes you realise, there is always someone worse off than yourself. This little boys leg needed traction and pins to fix. He was in a lot of pain. Poor chick.

The operation went well. I will tell you how well in a further blog. On Tuesday morning they let us come home.

And now we are in a world of pain. Pain killers to be exact. Or how Elizabeth just refuses to take said painkillers to be precise. All my energy is being taken by ensuring she is not in pain.

So sorry. I’m Late Blogging’ for the foreseeable future. And not really sleeping – lack of sleep is affecting my weight loss!

I hope to be back from my late bloggin’ schedule soon. Please leave your message after the tone. Or try to contact me on social media.


2 Replies to “Late Bloggin’”

  1. Paula Goude says:

    It’s never good to be sleep deprived! I hope your little girl has got through her op and healing ok.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you Paula. She is doing much better today. Good job that she is a little tough one!


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