About Me

All About Me and my Rose Tinted World

Hi!  I’m Jo, and it’s all about me! Well, and what my family (my OH, 5 year old and two cats) and I get up to.

Picture of Jo, it's all about me!I’ve certainly done a lot with my life so far and have a whole boat load of experiences. I set up this blog to tell you all about them, hoping that I might help you not make the same mistakes. Or maybe point you in the right direction.

There have been quite a few bad situations that I have had to deal with in my life. Over the years I have suffered with depression and self-doubt. My confidence has taken a hit many times, but I have bounced back and got back up again. I also have always had an issue with my weight, I have done every diet out there and been very slim and very heavy.

I am currently doing the Cambridge Diet – see how I am getting on.

But I’ve also had an amazing amount of success in my home, work and personal life. For work, I have been a dentist for 22 years. I am currently following my passion for sewing. And I am a singer. I have sung all over the world, at the Albert Hall, on cruise ships, at Disney and at the Palladium as a backing singer for Jane McDonald! Now, I’m back in my home town of Leeds, Yorkshire.

The most important job in my life started almost 4 years ago, when I became a mother at 44 to my beautiful daughter. She has shaped me in more ways than I thought possible. And she is the reason I decided I needed to set up a blog about my life, experiences and thoughts. See, it’s not all about me! 

A Simpler Life

After having a child I realised that I had built up so much clutter in my life, and so I decided to live a bit more simply.

My life has become more about zero waste and leaving this planet for our children. After years of collecting things, I am starting to declutter and reuse/upcycle instead of just throwing away. And I would love to bring all my hints and tips to these pages to share with you.

I hope that you enjoy reading.

We all deserve a Rose Tinted World.

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