About Me

My Journey to Creating My Dream Life

Hi!  I’m Jo. Come in, take a seat. Would you prefer a tea or a coffee? I might even have some decaf or herbal tucked away at the back of a cupboard… Let me tell you about my journey to creating my dream life.

Picture of Jo 

I’ve certainly done a lot with my life so far and have a whole boat load of experiences.

There have been quite a few bad situations that I have had to deal with in my life. Over the years I have suffered with depression and self-doubt. My confidence has taken a hit many times, but I have bounced back and got back up again. I also have always had an issue with my weight, I have done every diet out there and been very slim and very heavy.

For work, I have been a dentist for 22 years. I am currently doing a lot of sewing. And I am a singer. I have sung all over the world, at the Albert Hall, on cruise ships, at Disney and at the Palladium as a backing singer for Jane McDonald!

But the most important job in my life started just over 2 and a half years ago, when I became a mother at 44 to my beautiful daughter. She has shaped me in more ways than I thought possible. And she is the reason I decided I needed to build a dream life.


Here is a place where you can find the tools to build your dream life. Whether you are a super sewist, mega money maker or just trying to overcome some of life’s hurdles, I’ve created this site for you. Within its pages you can get happy, get motivated and live your dream life.


I used to be constantly overwhelmed!

About a year ago I realised that my life was in a rut. Due to pressures at work and changes in my personal circumstances I was constantly overwhelmed with my life.

  • My physical and mental health was suffering
  • I’d put on lots of weight
  • I had no energy
  •  My positivity had just about reached rock bottom.

Things needed to change!

Consequently, I realised that things needed to drastically change, and fast!

I left the job that I had been doing for 22 years, deciding that I wanted to work for myself rather than give my talents to others. As a result of the combination of side hustles, sewing and learning new skills I wanted to be my own boss.

This website is going to share the tools and tricks that I have learnt in my life and particularly over the last few months.

Living my Dream Life

As a result of all my changes I’ve beaten the negative vibes, overcome the overwhelming challenges and finally got my mojo back! I want to give you all my tips. I am still learning too, but I do intend to share all the answers that I find along the way.

We all deserve a Rose Tinted World.

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