How to Plan the Perfect Ski Holiday in France

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With winter fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start planning your ski holiday in France. Although it may seem months away, time will fly by, and you don’t want to end up missing out because everything is booked up. The ski season in France isn’t exactly a secret and tends to be a very busy travel period. So, let’s take a look at how you can plan the perfect ski holiday in France.

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How to Plan the Perfect Ski Holiday in France


When Does the Season Begin?

Before you start making any bookings, you want to be sure you’ve picked dates that are within ski season. Typically, the ski season in France starts at the beginning of December and often runs until the end of April. With artificial snow machines, ski season is much longer than it used to be, giving tourists more time to enjoy the slopes.

Skiing in France – Where Should You Go?

The good news is that France has a lot of ski resorts to choose from such as Val d’Isere, Courchevel or Chamonix, but that can be a double-edged sword. With so many options, it can be hard to choose just one area, leaving tourists wondering “where to ski in France”?

Rather than try to guess, why not work with a holiday provider that offers a wide array of 2022 ski holidays? They can advise you on what resorts are popular, the different types of accommodation, which are the busiest resorts, the best time of the season to go, which resorts are family-friend, what level of experience you need for the slopes, dining and shopping options, and so forth. France ski holidays can combine much more than just skiing too, which a holiday provider can discuss with you.

Will You Be Bringing or Renting Your Gear?

If you’re an avid skier, there’s a good chance you have all your ski equipment and gear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to lug it all with you. Packing up all your gear can be cumbersome and difficult if you are travelling by air. You may prefer to rent equipment at the ski resort or hills, even if you only bring some of your gear.

Be sure to look into rental options and pricing before you depart on your trip. Keep in mind that if you rent your equipment at the slopes, it also means you don’t have to lug it to and from your accommodation each day.

Purchase Lift Tickets Online in Advance

Another tip straight from the experts is to purchase your lift tickets online and in advance. Purchasing tickets on the day at the mountain means you’ll be paying the top price. Online tickets are typically much cheaper, ensuring you can afford to spend more days on the slopes.

Book a Mid-Week Short Getaway

For those on a tight budget that only want to get away for a couple of days, booking your ski trip mid-week will save big money. Weekends are always more expensive, as are holidays.

Now that you’ve got many expert tips to guide you, it’s time to get excited about your upcoming ski holiday in France.


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