How To Personalise Your Home With Wall Stickers

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How To Personalise Your Home With Wall Stickers

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Our home is the last bastion of freedom, it is where we hole up after a long day at work, after a night out with friends; the place where we feel safe and comfortable.

Whether it’s a studio flat, a loft, or a flat with a thousand rooms, our home is what represents us the most, it represents our tastes, our way of thinking and our way of being. Whether you have a houseboat on the Thames or a transparent house, at any time you can beautify it.

There are those who indulge in minimalist designs, and those who seem to be serial hoarders, knick-knacks everywhere indicating memories of trips, people or happy moments. Creativity is therefore a subjective thing, which depends on our imagination and also on our experience.

We often feel the need for change, but the budget does not always allow it. Changing the furniture or enlarging a room are not always feasible. So why not make a corner of your home, the children’s room, the kitchen or, why not, even the bathroom more attractive?

I can already imagine what you’re going to say to me; “My wife doesn’t want to do too many interventions, because then if something doesn’t look right, we’ll have to spend a lot more money on fixing up the house”.

Don’t worry, I have the solution for you: modern wall stickers!

Now close your eyes and imagine these scenarios with me.


Behind the bed or on a free wall a nice sticker of your children’s favourite cartoon, their superheroes, comic book characters, animals…

In addition to the possibility of having stickers in different sizes, you can also create original personalised stickers to decorate in an original way, with all kinds of colours, giving free rein to your imagination.

Customised vinyls are made by specialised sites which, once we have chosen the image or writing, the size and type, are checked, produced and then sent to the customer within a very short time.


The morning has gold in its mouth, goes the famous adage, but it’s not easy to be quick in the morning, some people need to “carb up”.

So why not, together with breakfast, admire a sticker that can motivate us or simply put us in a good mood?


If you’re wondering, yes, even the bathroom can be suitable for a sticker! Would you ever have believed it?

bathroom picture




Let’s not forget that there is also the possibility of creating ad-hoc lettering and designs dedicated to companies, so let’s get started with the customization of decorative stickers and window decals.

Picture of shop window

If you’ve taken a liking to all the customization in your home or shop window, there are also PC stickers ideal for laptops, tablets and PCs, available for all brands on the market, such as Dell, Acer, HP, Samsung, as well as stickers for all Apple devices, Macbook or Ipad.

picture of laptop

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