How to Make Your Business Zero Waste

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So, you want to make your business zero waste? First, congrats on aiming to be as empty as my fridge the night before grocery day! Achieving a zero waste company is like trying to get a perfect score in a game that’s rigged against you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it! With creativity, commitment, and a touch of cheeky resourcefulness, you can turn your business into a beacon of sustainability. Here’s how:

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Starting A Zero Waste Company

How to Make Your Business Zero Waste - Starting a zero waste company

Audit Like You’re an Instagram Influencer Scouring for Filters


Start with a waste audit. Yes, it sounds as fun as watching paint dry, but knowing your trash is key. How much paper are you tossing? What’s happening with lunch leftovers? Are your employees secretly hoarding plastic spoons? Dig deep. This audit will be the unflattering before photo that you’ll proudly compare against your after photo once you’ve nailed the zero-waste challenge.

Go Paperless – Because Trees are Friends, Not Fodder


If your office still runs on paper, it’s time to evolve. Digitise everything from memos to invoices. If the idea of going digital sends shivers down your spine, remember that emails don’t lead to deforestation, and trees don’t grow on trees! Plus, cloud storage won’t clutter your office like those towering stacks of paper that everyone’s afraid to touch.


Ditch the Disposables – Reusables are the New Black


Disposable coffee cups, plastic utensils, and paper towels are so passé. Invest in mugs, metal cutlery, and cloth napkins. It might seem like a cult, but it’s one worth joining. Get your team reusable bottles and branded eco-friendly totes. They’ll appreciate the free swag, and you’ll appreciate not contributing to the planet’s giant floating trash islands.


Waste Oil? More Like ‘Liquid Gold’


Got waste oil from your café or just an abnormal amount of greasy operations? Don’t just let it accumulate like the unread emails in your inbox. Many companies will collect this “liquid gold” for free and transform it into biodiesel. It’s a fantastic way to turn waste into resource, and hey, it’s also a great conversation starter: “Did you know our waste oil could power a bus?”


Compost: Because Your Trash Can Grow Flowers


Start composting. Yes, it can be messy, and yes, it’s essentially a bin of decomposition, but it’s magical. You’re literally turning waste into resources. Set up a compost bin in the office kitchen for food scraps. If you’re worried about the smell or bugs, remember, there’s nothing a tight lid and regular maintenance can’t fix. Plus, you can use the compost for office plants or donate it, making you a community hero.



Embrace the Barter System Like It’s 5000 BC


Partner with other local businesses and swap what you can. Got too much of something? Swap it with another business for something you need. It’s not just economical; it’s eco-friendly. You reduce waste, save money, and network simultaneously. It’s the business equivalent of multitasking.


Make Recycling a Sport


If recycling bins were as exciting as the last season of your favourite series, maybe more people would participate. Make recycling a competitive sport in the office. Set up teams, track progress, and reward winners. Whether it’s a pizza party or the best parking spot for a month, a little incentive goes a long way.


Green Champions: Not All Heroes Wear Capes


Appoint a Green Champion in every department. Their job? To be the Gandalf of all things eco. They’ll ensure that recycling bins are used correctly, lights are off when not needed, and that everyone’s pulling their weight. It’s like having an eco-consciousness spread throughout the office, keeping the green momentum going.


Educate, Engage, Empower


Lastly, keep everyone in the loop. The more your team knows about why you’re doing what you’re doing, the more likely they are to jump on board. Hold workshops, share articles, and celebrate milestones. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it’s also green.


Sustainable Packaging – Wrap it Up Eco-Style


If your business ships products, turns packaging into a sustainability showcase. Ditch the bubble wrap and Styrofoam for biodegradable or recycled materials. Explore fun, innovative alternatives like mushroom packaging (yes, it’s a thing and it’s made from fungi!), recycled cardboard, or even old newspapers. Not only does it minimise environmental impact, but it also markets your brand as eco-conscious to customers. Plus, imagine the unboxing experience when customers feel good about not having to deal with a mountain of plastic. It’s the kind of positive PR that doesn’t just feel good—it does good!

Transforming your business into a zero waste company or operation is no small feat. You need to be realistic that it will not always be easy, but with persistence, a sense of humour, and a solid plan, it’s possible. Plus, think of the bragging rights! So roll up your sleeves, rally the troops, and start one reusable coffee cup at a time. Together, you can make waste about as extinct as floppy disks in the office.


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