How To Make A Lined Drawstring Bag

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Are you looking for an easy lined drawstring bag tutorial? Then today’s post is just for you. Lined drawstring bags can have multiple uses around your home. And today you don’t even need a bag pattern. Today I am going to show you two different ways how to make drawstring bag with lining alternatives.

How To Make A Lined Drawstring Bag For Beginners

Both these methods mean that you will soon know how to sew a lined drawstring bag in minutes! And are you wanting to know how to make a large drawstring bag for a pump bag or swimming bag? Well, whatever the bag size, this tutorial has you covered. Instead of using a lined drawstring bag pattern all you need to do is increase the sizes of your outer main fabric piece and inner lining piece!

Soon you will be able to make cute little matching bags to go with your dress using a fat quarter or your fabric remnants. These lined bags are perfect for storage and organising your home. And they make perfect gift bags.

I really want to be more zero waste with my gift wrap. So this year I plan to give more reusable wrapping. A lined fabric gift bag is a lovely way to wrap any size or shaped present. And they can be personalised too by choosing a fabric that the recipient will love.

Want to learn how to make a gorgeous lined drawstring gift bag? Then read on!

How To Make Lined Drawstring Bag – You Will Need

Items that you will need to make a lined drawstring bag

  • Fabric for both outer main fabric and lining fabric – I prefer cotton fabrics
  • Measuring and cutting equipment. I use my quilting square and rotary cutter.
  • Matching thread
  • Some ribbon or cord for the drawstring.
  • A sewing machine
  • Scissors and pins, plus a safety pin or bodkin for inserting the cord/ribbon into the casing at the end

All seam allowances are 3/8 inch (1cm) unless stated. 

How To Sew A Drawstring bag With Lining – Method 1

Cut 4 pieces of fabric the same size – 2 outer and inner layers. On all four pieces, mark a place about 3cm from the top at both sides. With the outer pieces together and right sides together start at one of these marks and sew down the long edges and across the bottom of inner and outer layer as shown in the diagram. Remember to backstitch at both ends. Repeat for the inner layer.

Method 1 part 1 - sewing a drawstring bag

Then, press the seams open at the sides of each layer. This gives you a v-shape – see picture. Sew around this v-shape – and repeat the other 3 times.

Method 1 part 2 - sewing a drawstring bag

Next, turn the inner layer inside out and place inside the outer layer so that WRONG sides are together. Turn over the top of the bag twice at both sides to create a casing and hide the raw edges. Sew as close to the casing edge as possible. Then use a safety pin or bodkin to thread cord or ribbon through this casing. If you wish, thread another piece from the other side. Though your casing may not allow that. And you have a finished drawstring bag!

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How To Sew A Lined Drawstring Bag – Method 2

As with method 1, cut 4 pieces of fabric the same size, two outer and two lining. This time, right sides together sew around the two long and base edges of both pieces, but leave a gap around 10 cm in one of the long sides of the lining layer. Then turn the lining inside out, and place lining inside the outer layer. This means that the bag layers are RIGHT sides together. Pin at the side seams and around the top edge of the bags.

Sewing a drawstring bag - method 2 part 1

Sew around the top edges of the bags. Then pull out the lining layer, and pull the whole thing inside out using the gap created earlier. This leaves you with the bag and lining the right sides out.

To close the inner lining gap, press the gap well and sew a thin line of topstitching with a tiny seam allowance to close, or slipstitch if you want a more invisible finish.

Push the lining back to being the inside of the bag, and press the top edge of the bag so that there is a crisp defined finish.

Sewing a drawstring bag - method 2 part 2

Now, mark a line away from the top edge using a washable or heat erasable pen. This can be as far or as short a distance as you wish. I chose 3 cm. And mark another line about 2 cm further down from that. This marks the casing for your ribbon or cord. Sew around these lines, backstitching a few times at the side seams each time they cross. Then, when both lines have been sewn, use a stitch unpicked to carefully pick the outer stitches in-between the casing lines. Then you have a space into which to thread your ribbon or cord. This time I used a ribbon, and used two drawstrings from each side.

Sewing a drawstring bag - method 2 part 3

Finished Bag

And you have a finished bag, this time with more of a paper bag finish.

How To Make A Lined Drawstring Bag - here are two methods of making a fabric gift or present bag.

These bags make great gifts on their own – maybe as a teacher gift or party bag? You could use appliqué too.

How To Make A Drawstring Bag Into A Backpack Bag

As an extra – you could add a small couple of tags of fabric to one side with a kam-snap and sew lined drawstring bag backpacks. The drawstrings can then be used to create a handle by threading them through the tags. I made E a pump bag this week in one of her favourite fabrics!

Make a drawstring bag into a pump bag

So there you go, two different ways of how to make a lined drawstring pouch. Do you think you will be making lots of these lined drawstring bags? What will you use them for?

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How To Make A Lined Drawstring Bag - here are two methods of making a drawstring bag. Ideal for a fabric gift or present bag. Very easy to whip up in a few minutes. They make beautiful zero waste birthday and Christmas gifts bags. But they are also the perfect way to making school shoe bags, laundry bags, loose produce bags and millions of other uses. Easy step by step pictorial sewing tutorial, perfect for beginners or those learning to sew.


5 Replies to “How To Make A Lined Drawstring Bag”

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      The brilliance of this is that they can be made as large or small as needed.

    2. Barbara Baird says:

      I have been making drawstring bags the past couple of years as I was tired of buying wrapping paper – the expense – that just gets torn or rumpled up, and thrown away. I’ve used yarn, cord, and drawstrings of the same fabric.
      One of our d-i-l keeps and reuses the bags, the other d-i-l gives them back to me to repurpose. I even made a big bag last Christmas to cover an upright vacuum! It is very satisfying.


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