How To Make A Halloween Rag Wreath

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I don’t know about you, but Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. However, this year Halloween is going to look slightly different near us. Instead of the traditional trick or treating, the children are going to enjoy a more socially distanced Halloween trail around all the local houses. That way we can enjoy Halloween without the risk. I am going to enjoy decorating my front door and porch, and what better way to start than with a door wreath? So here is how to make a Halloween rag wreath that is perfect for adorning any Halloween porch!

How To Make A Halloween Rag Wreath


How To Make A Halloween Rag Wreath - make a quick, easy & effective door decoration following this simple tutorial. Perfect Fall craft project. Simple step by step DIY craft tutorial with pictures. You to can create this brilliant door or porch decor for the spooky season. Cheap decoration ideas. #halloweendecor #halloweendecorations #DIYdecorations #halloweencrafts #halloweenwreath #wreath #halloween


I made a very similar wreath for Christmas a couple of years ago. But this wreath is actually upcycled from a previous project that I featured on this blog. A couple of years ago I made my little girl a tutu skirt made of strips of fabric that could be worn around a simple black dress. This way, I could get lots of use from the little black dress and it wasn’t just used for Halloween. I called this her Durable Witches Outfit

And it worked. In actual fact we got lots of wear out of both the little black dress and the tutu. I used the black dress to make all sorts of other fancy dress costumes, and she wore it lots. But this year the tutu looked a little ragged and wasn’t really a good fit. So I decided to upcycle the fabric into a new project. And what better than a pretty door decoration?


You Will Need

  • Strips of fabric – mine were all about 5 inches by 1 inch wide – and I had black, orange, and some striped fabric. In the end I needed about 150 strips.
  • A wreath ring – mine was a simple metal ring of 10-12 inch diameter

Materials needed for Halloween Rag Wreath


Due to the fact that my rags were upcycled from the old tutu, they had already been cut as long strips with pinking shears. I quite liked the effect that this gave the finished wreath. But you can just cut them with straight scissors.

Durable witches outfit - no sew tutu strips cut


Taking a rag piece, tie it around the outer metal ring of the wreath. Then tie another rag piece next to it. Work around the entire outer ring doing this, pushing all the rag pieces together.


Outer ring filled


Once the outer ring has been filled, then repeat the process for the inner ring. And you have finished!

The Finished Wreath


How To Make A Halloween Rag Wreath - make a quick, easy & effective door decoration following this simple tutorial. Perfect Fall craft project. A great way to decorate and adorn any door or porch for the spooky season. Halloween DIY decor. Easy step by step pictorial tutorial.


It really is that simple. And once the wreath has been populated with rags, you can add a loop of wire or twine to hang the finished product. And if you like, you can also decorate the wreath with some spooky finishing touches. I went for a rather angry looking spider and a small cauldron, into which i can put a fake tea light (do not put any real naked flames near the wreath, as I suspect it would catch fire easily).


And there you have it. A really simple yet effective and attractive door decoration for the Halloween season. Why not add some of the ghostly milk cartons from my Halloween crafts for kids post? 

Or are you decorating indoors this Halloween? Why not have a go at making this Halloween pumpkin garland? It is a great way to use up all your fabric scraps.

Have you enjoyed my post on how to make a Halloween rag wreath? Think you might make your own? I would love to see your creations. Post me a comment below, or why not post me a picture via my social channels?

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How To Make A Halloween Rag Wreath - make a quick, easy & effective door decoration following this simple tutorial. Perfect Fall craft project









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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I love Halloween too and this wreath looks fab!
    I think we’ll be decorating this year just to make things a little more exciting. x


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