How To Enjoy Alone Time

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How To Enjoy Alone Time



My friend’s dad is awful at video games. I remember when I used to visit in my younger years there would be a constant stream of shouting from the upstairs spare room where my friend’s dad had set up an old console and was busy playing a war game. I don’t think he ever once won a single battle. He’d shout, he’d scream, he’d complain that there’s no point in even designing a game that can’t be beaten, and occasionally my friend’s mother would chime in with “Reginald! We have guests! Keep the war volume down to a medium roar!”. At this point, Reg would slam the power button and stomp into the bathroom, thoroughly defeated.


One day I built up the courage to ask him why on earth he keeps playing if he doesn’t enjoy it. To my surprise, he said he loved the game because it gave him alone time, and that although all we could hear was him clearly not enjoying himself, he was in fact using the time to think of what needed to be done in the garden and what birthday present he needed to buy and other things like that. He said, “when you get older, you’ll see what I mean about alone time”.


At that age, it felt like a load of mumbo-jumbo. But he was right. Alone time is awesome. Time to think (see here for a great place to get answers to your deepest relationship/career thoughts). Here’s how to make the most of your solo time away from the world.


Put your phone on charge


Life is a mad rush, so much so that we use our spare time to get a head start on what’s around the corner. From checking our banking app to checking social media and keeping up with the news and memes of the day, our phones are a constant demand on our time. To be fair, nobody wants to be the only person in the chat group who has not seen some big news story – we all love to be the one in the know, ahead of the curve. But that is not what alone time is for. For now, put your phone on charge…


Find your weird thing


With the major life distraction switched off (i.e. your phone), you need something to do that will let your mind off the leash. That’s what alone time is all about. Whether you’re into calligraphy or cushion making, it doesn’t really matter. Have a hobby. Or even have two. Have one per day if it helps. Give yourself permission to do more of the thing you love, and your mind will open up and breathe new foresight into your clogged daily routine.


Get out of the house


Being cooped up indoors is a recipe for aches and pains and a miserable outlook. Use at least some of your free time to explore in some way – there are multiple websites out there that list all of the “things to see and do” in your town or in nearby places of interest. Become your own guide and start ticking off the weird and wonderful sights in your region. 


Hope you have enjoyed these tips on How to enjoy alone time.

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