How To Create A Designer Home Makeover On A Budget

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Are you looking for tips on how to achieve a designer home makeover on a budget? Want that luxe look for less? Well here are some ideas on how you can get that designer look without the hefty price tag!

How To Create A Designer Home Makeover On A Budget


Designer room on a budget -Are you looking for tips on how to achieve a designer home makeover on a budget? Want that luxe look for less? Well here are some ideas on how you can get that designer look without the hefty price tag! Home decor ideas that don't break the bank. Get great design for a cheaper price. Save money on flooring. Is it worth getting an interior designer - here is why I think no!

We are all looking for home decorating ideas that don’t break the bank. So, whether you are looking to renovate your whole home or just one room, these tips will help you get the look you want for less.


Is An Interior Designer Worth The Money?

Some people would look to others to create a designer home for them. But in my opinion, if you have a clear vision of the look that you are after, then an interior designer is a waste of your cash.

And in actual fact, a lot of the fun of creating your own home renovation is sourcing the details yourself. So, I would cut out the middleman and trust in your own tastes and opinions to get the interior design of your dreams.

Plan An Ideal Colour Scheme – And Work To It

My first tip is to pick a colour scheme that you love and can see yourself living with. Whether it is a classic neutral cream or a bold modern grey and silver, then you can plan your whole home decor around these choices.

Another of my tips is to keep this colour scheme running through your home. That doesn’t mean that you need to have the same floor covering or paint the walls in each room in the same colour but keeping to similar colours and shades makes your whole home look incredibly chic.

Where To Make Budget Savings In Your Home Makeover Plan

Personally, I think that paint and wall coverings are the ideal place to make budget savings. There are so many wonderful own-brand paint colours and finishes and wallpaper styles that are cheap, that I do not see why these items should form a huge part of your budget.

Yes, it may be a wrench to stop looking at some of the more expensive brands of paint or those designer wallpapers, but if you are looking for a real project cost saving, I would look at some of the cheaper options per square foot. I am sure you will pick up something just as nice.

Do Your Research On Flooring And Save A Fortune.

One thing that I have learnt after owning my own home for many years is that it is false economy to buy cheap carpets and floor coverings. In my experience, cheaper carpets wear faster, and cheap wood flooring lifts, separates and looks dull very quickly. But we all know that quality flooring can be quite an outlay.

However, an interior designer friend once told me a tip – and it’s to seek out remnants. Remnants are pieces of carpet left from the end of rolls. They are exactly the same quality, but because they come in set sizes (you have to buy the whole piece) you can save anything up to 90% off the RRP. It means that you can get a better quality, branded carpet for much less. Try somewhere like Designer Carpet, who seem to have a lot in stock.

What Are Some Other Cheap Ways To Furnish A Room?

A wonderful way to achieve a designer look for less is to look for second-hand furniture. Maybe look on Facebook Marketplace or eBay and consider looking in antique shops and vintage markets too. 

It is amazing what gems you can pick up this way, and there is often a huge reduction in price from when the object was new. Plus, you often get a unique and authentic item of furniture that becomes a family heirloom.

Likewise, when looking for wall art and decor, consider old pictures and paintings. You can often find some gorgeous pieces that reflect your personality perfectly but don’t cost the earth.

Finally, Don’t Forget The Finishing Touches


Lastly, it is the little things that often make your design ideas look luxurious.

Have a boho look in mind? Then adding plants, macrame wall coverings and natural wood and rattan ornaments and accessories complete the look.

Gone for a more art deco feel? Then silver, angular and chrome accents will match the look. Maybe consider softening the look in your living room with lush velvet throws and soft throw pillows in the bedroom.

And no matter what your chosen design is, consider opening up every space by using mirrors and lights. 


I hope that you have enjoyed these ideas on how to achieve a designer home makeover on a budget. Have you any tips of your own that you would like to add? Do comment below or find me on my social media channels.


4 Replies to “How To Create A Designer Home Makeover On A Budget”

  1. Anne says:

    I’ve never quite grasped interior design, but I do tend to go for a colour I like and work around it. It’s usually very different colours for different rooms though. I have to agree on the carpet. When we first moved into this house we had to buy cheap carpets as there was just too much to buy at once. However, we have now replaced most of it, the living room carpet had to be replaced within the first year!
    Anne recently posted…Lucky is My Word of the Week 21My Profile

  2. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    Some fab tips. I never would have thought of remnants for flooring but it makes sense and I imagine that could potentially save a small fortune! I also never realised there was a website for something like that. I’d thought you’d have to call around lots of businesses to see what you could gather. Very handy! I always get jazzed by posts like this because I want to redecorate… then I remember that this isn’t my house and if it were I think I’d want every room with a different theme because I like a few different styles and I’d want a bit of everything!


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