How To Create A Bohemian Style Bedroom

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How To Create A Bohemian Style Bedroom

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The bohemian style is all about texture and contrast. You need to combine different materials, colours and materials to create an eclectic look. The room should feel warm and welcoming – instead of minimal and matchy-matchy. Everyone and their sister are following the minimal interior trend these days. Switch things up and make your home stand out from the crowd with a boho bedroom.

Here are a few ways to capture the relaxed and colourful bohemian style.


Colour is a huge part of the bohemian style. You need to play with different tones and shades to create depth in the room. You could stick to warm colours, like red, orange, and yellow, and explore their different hues. For example, you could style your bed with a burgundy throw and mustard-toned cushions.

Use natural materials

Boho walks a fine line between garish and beautiful. You should pair the bolder accessories with more natural materials, like rattan and wood. Keep your furniture simple and neutral so the soft furnishings can do the talking. You could install fitted wardrobes along one side of your bedroom. Choose a stunning wood for the wardrobes and let the natural texture of the material shine through. Pair the wardrobes with bedside tables and a dresser.


How To Create A Bohemian Style Bedroom


Soft lighting will make your boho room feel relaxing and cosy. Opt for warm yellow bulbs instead of bright white LED lights. You want to create a welcoming ambience with fairy lights, bedside lamps and a floor lamp. Try to work with different heights in the room to create more dimension and texture. You could even find a rattan lamp to incorporate more natural materials.


Accessories will tie your boho room together and add a little personality to the room. You could have a wall hanging behind your headboard with a colourful print. Or create a display of hanging plants around your bedroom window with various rope and rattan baskets. Pile your books onto the dresser with contrasting coloured spines and a few candles for decoration. Finish with a vase filled with dried flowers and a fluffy rug in the middle of the room.

Find the balance

Boho is not supposed to be minimal – but you also don’t want the room to feel cluttered. When starting out with how to create a bohemian style bedroom, try to find a balance that you’re comfortable with. You could keep your decorations on the walls or on top of a dresser. Try to keep the space functional and easy to clean, so the decorations don’t get in your way. Your desk should remain clear for work, and your bedside tables should be easy to wipe down. After all, no one wants to breathe in dust all night long.

Find some inspiration for your boho room on Pinterest or interior sites.

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