How To Achieve Radiant Skin Over 50

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As we age, it becomes harder and harder to keep our skin looking glowing and youthful. However, even though we can’t “reverse” the ageing process, there are multiple steps you can take to limit the effects of ageing and keep your skin looking younger for longer. Here is how to achieve radiant skin over 50 years of age.

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How To Get Radiant Skin Over 50

Sun Protection 

The first thing you should do is apply sunscreen daily, regardless of the weather. Experts have agreed for years that the sun is one of the biggest threats to healthy skin, as it can cause everything from wrinkles to sun spots and skin cancer.

Every single time you go outside, it is important to apply sunscreen, as well as something for your lips, such as Aesop lip balm. Ensure the sunscreen has a high SPF content, and reapply sunscreen if it begins to wash off or it isn’t doing a good enough job. 

Avoid Tanning in the Sun

While we all love a great tan, avoiding tanning outside or using a tanning bed is best. Instead, opt for a spray-on tan or use a body cream with a tint. The latter may take longer than a regular tan, but it is substantially better for your skin.

Moisturise Regularly 

One of the main reasons many people experience older skin earlier than they should is because they don’t moisturise enough. Moisture is the key to keeping your skin looking healthy and young, and it only takes a couple of minutes of your time each day. 

Use a moisturiser after your shower in the morning and before bed, and apply it whenever your skin feels particularly dry. You may find yourself needing it multiple times a day during the Winter, as the cold weather and wind wicks away skin moisture at a much faster rate. 

Warm, not Hot Showers

A hot shower has the same effect as sitting in the sun. The hot water washes away all the moisture and oils your skin needs, leaving it much drier than before you bathed. There are multiple ways to solve this, especially if you prefer hot showers if you live in a cold climate. 

The first step is to simply use warm water instead of hot. If this is still too cold for you, you can use hot water but shower for shorter periods. Once you have finished showering, moisturise your entire body, paying close attention to your feet, hands, and face. 

Radiant Skin Over 50

Mild Ointments & Creams

One issue many people face is that they buy skincare products that, on the surface, should work very well but end up causing more harm than good. Most of the time, this is because the product is very high in fragrance or alcohol, which can damage the skin. 

To stop this from happening, opt for products that are more “natural” and are either low in scent and alcohol or don’t have either at all. These two elements aren’t what you want, and therefore your skin won’t miss them. 

Humidify in Cold Weather

While the sun can bake up essential skin moisture and oil, cold weather and wind strip your face of both of those things too. If you suffer with particularly dry skin, it would be wise to invest in a home humidifier. 

While you don’t need to, and shouldn’t, have it on constantly, the extra moisture a humidifier adds to the air will stop your skin from drying out completely and will make it far easier for your skin to return to normal moisture levels. 

Limit Alcohol & Smoking

Smoking and alcohol do absolutely no good for your skin and can speed up the ageing process drastically. Alcohol will severely dehydrate your skin, making wrinkles far more noticeable, and can cause your skin to sag. 

Smoking leads to the skin losing its elasticity, and once again, this will cause and accentuate wrinkles and also cause the same sagging you will find with alcohol consumption. 

Retinol is Key

Another item to add to your skincare routine is retinol. This cream-based substance causes your skin to regenerate cells, which not only can delay the appearance of wrinkles but will also help your skin produce new, healthy layers more frequently. 

There are prescribed versions of retinol, but retinol itself can be purchased from almost any beauty and skin store. While it is never too late to use it, the sooner you start, the better your results will be.  

How to get radiant skin

Drink More Water

Lastly, it is absolutely essential that you drink enough water. It can be the best source of moisture for your skin, and since it doesn’t contain any sugar or harmful additives, it won’t cause the same damage that alcohol, soda, or energy drinks would.

While drinking enough water can be tricky for some, it is best to always have a full water bottle at hand and, depending on the size, to finish at least two or three of them a day; it is also important to note that flavoured water, tea, etc., don’t have the same effect, as they are often full of things that cause more harm, such as sugar.

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