Home Improvement Projects That Add Value To Your House

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Over summer is the perfect time to be doing all those DIY jobs around the house. But are you thinking of selling or moving home in the near future? Here is a list of home improvement projects that add value to your house. It may be wise to prioritise these when deciding what to do first.

Home Improvement Projects That Add Value To Your House



If you are thinking of moving home or looking at something like Clear Lake Iowa real estate you may also be thinking of doing all those jobs that may add some value to your home before you put it on the market. But what jobs are worth doing and will definitely add value? Here are some ideas that you may wish to try. 

Converting Your Attic Or Basement


Any project that increases the living space in your home adds instant value to your property without any sacrifice.

Got a dark and dingy basement area? Why not add a damp proof course, plenty of spotlights, and make it into a family room or basement home gym? 

And a loft conversion or attic revamp can also instantly improve the number of bedrooms and increase the price of your property. If you are looking for renovating staircases Edinburgh vicinity then there are so many ideas that will transform the space

I would however, advise against converting your garage space, unless it really is not viable to be used for that purpose. People will always prefer to have a working garage over extra rooms, so it doesn’t really even add value to your home.


Adding An Extension, Orangery Or Conservatory


Similarly, adding a single or double story extension, or even a conservatory, increases the living space in your home, by adding an extra bedroom or entirely new room. And thus immediately adds value to your property price. 

A conservatory is a brilliant idea as the room created is light and bright all year around. Why not get started now to plan such an extension?

Also, maybe consider making the new room or extension completely open plan by the clever use of partitioning with some toughened laminated glass

There are so many wonderful options out there to explore. But by opening up the space to be more open plan it gives the impression that your home is far more spacious than it may actually be. 

However, do make sure that the new additions to your home remain energy efficient. And be sure to ask for planning permission where this is applicable.


Open Plan


Boosting Your Curb Appeal


Over winter, all of nature’s elements will have taken their toll over the exterior of your home. So summer is the perfect time to have all the exterior checked over for any faults that can be easily remedied.

And is also a great time to get out the paintbrush ands freshen up the exterior paintwork. Chipped paint and an unscrubbed steps can be an immediate turn-off. And unkempt pathways and entrances are a sure way of putting off any potential home buyer. So prune back the shrubbery, weed the pathways and paint those gates.

Why not add a display to your front yard or garden, with aluminum flagpoles and flags? Your door is a particularly important element to clean and/or paint, as a great looking doorway brings instant curb appeal to your property. 


Getting Your Garden Decked Out For A Resale


Is your garden more of a jungle than a haven? It may not take much to tame the trees, but even a little cutting back and trimming the grass will instantly revamp the look of your outdoor space.

Moreover, if your outdoor space feels overgrown, consider reaching out to professionals who can provide tree service options. Even if you need a tree removed or just some pruning, expert help can transform your garden into the tranquil haven you desire.

If you’re looking achieve that neat, ‘freshly-cut’ look for your garden with as little maintenance as possible, artificial grass is a becoming an increasingly popular modern solution. Grass Warehouse have a wide range of different styles to choose from, with free samples available if you want to get a feel for the quality before ordering.

Adding a patio or decking can add a lot of value to your property. Potential buyers are looking for the lifestyle that they may wish to enjoy once they are living in your home. So give them the idea of how much of a peaceful space your garden can be by decking out your garden with the perfect place to enjoy a summer’s day or evening. 

Already got a patio or decking? Why not repair, reseal and pressure wash it to make it look its best for a fraction of the cost of a complete overhaul?

And maybe consider buying a patio table and chairs, as well as some extra patio lounge chairs, too? Don’t forget, you can always take them with you to your next property. And they dress the garden stage perfectly.




Get A New Kitchen Or Bathroom


Both these rooms in my opinion sell your property and so a revamp of them adds value. If your potential buyer can see themselves cooking or bathing in your home then you are halfway toward a successful sale.

And it needn’t cost a fortune to revamp both these rooms. See my tips for what to think about when doing a makeover on your kitchen or bathroom.

It can even be as simple as painting the kitchen units, re-grouting the tiles, changing the taps or resealing around the bath and shower. 


Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


Lastly, do improve the energy efficiency of your property to make it more attractive to potential buyers. No one wants a house with leaky double glazing, a boiler that need a service or no insulation.

These simple fixes may not cost the earth, but can mean the difference when selling.

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