Holidaying in Australia: Tips and Advice for Brits

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Holidaying in Australia: Tips and Advice for Brits


Holidaying in Australia: Tips and Advice for Brits

Australia is a country of stunning beaches, great wildlife, laid-back cities and a rich culture. Fondly referred to as the country ‘down under’, Australia is located in the southern hemisphere. It is home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is a huge country and a continent in its own right. From the pink lakes of Western Australia to the white sand of the Whitsunday Islands, there are so many interesting places a visitor should see.


One such place is the Opera House. Located on the edge of the Sydney harbour, the Opera House is a masterpiece of architecture. It is one of the most famous buildings of the 20th century. Apart from its spectacular exterior and majestic interior, the Sydney Opera House hosts hundreds of shows every year. And these attract millions of visitors.

Sydney Opera House


Useful Tips and Advice to Visitors


Going to Australia on holiday from the U.K requires planning to make it a memorable experience. British nationals require an entry visa for traveling to Australia. But online services such as AUVISA  can help you request a visa for Australia and guide you through the application process, making everything much easier. Be aware that when you arrive in Australia, you might be asked to provide evidence of funds to support your stay. You should also have your return ticket to the UK or ticket for onward travel to another destination ready for inspection.


Travellers should hold passports valid for the proposed duration of stay. But it may be expedient to check with the airline or transport provider to ensure that your passport meets the requirements. In addition, senior citizens, especially people who are above 75 years of age may be requested to undergo a health check before granting them a visa. It will be wise to make provision for time to undergo such examination when applying for a visa.


Australia has strict quarantine laws in place to protect their environment and their thriving agricultural industry from pests and diseases. Food, plant material and animal products must be declared on the Incoming Passenger card. Failure to declare them may attract hefty fines and prohibited items will be confiscated at the port of entry.


Enjoy Your Stay


The country has an efficient public transport but each state has its own system. You may be unable to use the transport card from one state in another state. Australia is a large country, so the distances from place to place can be huge. It is recommended that you rent a car to facilitate your movement. And to explore the country as much as you want. 

Why not try a self drive holiday with this Great Ocean Road Itinerary



Be prepared for the weather variations in Australia. You may have snow down south in New South Wales (NSW) at certain times of the year. But it may be hot and humid at the top end of the country in the Northern Territory. It is necessary to do some research into the prevailing weather conditions at your destination. So that you can go prepared with sun screens if necessary, to protect you from the sun. Australian fauna is very rich in wildlife animals but visitors must be aware that some of these animals are potentially dangerous, so it is important to adhere strictly to instructions displayed at those parks.


Australia is a beautiful country to visit. There are so many interesting places to see when holidaying in Australia. But its share size makes it a challenge to see all of it in one short trip. Once you have made your first trip, you will find yourself coming back. You will want to see more of this pristine country again and again. Whatever happens, Australia is a country everyone should see at least once in a lifetime.


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