Hibernating Through the Cosy Season

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Winter is well and truly here – the mornings are extra dark, and the days seem to be getting cooler. What does that naturally signal in most of us? Hibernation. Our homes become a sanctuary to escape the dark and cold. This time of year, often termed the ‘cosy season’, is not merely a climatic change. It’s a cultural shift towards introspection and embracing the warmth of our own spaces. So here are some tips for how to hibernate during cozy season.

cozy season

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Curating a Sanctuary of Warmth


Central to our hibernation is the transformation of our living spaces into havens of warmth and comfort. Consider the tactile richness of soft, inviting throws, the plush embrace of cushions, or the grounding presence of a heavy rug underfoot. The interplay of textures and colours is key – think deep, earthy tones or calming pastels, creating a visually and physically soothing environment.

Lighting, too, deserves attention; the gentle luminescence of soft lamps keeps us tucked into the sofa for hours – Penny Morrison has beautiful examples.


Winter’s Culinary Comforts


The cozy season beckons with its unique gastronomic delights. It’s a time for warming stews simmering on stoves. The sweet aroma of baked goods wafted through the home. Or the comforting warmth of spiced beverages. Winter food is perhaps some of the best – although a summer garden picky dinner isn’t to be beaten.


The Essence of Slow Living in Winter


Winter’s arrival heralds a unique opportunity – to embrace the art of slow living. In contrast to the relentless pace of our daily routines, these months invite us to decelerate. There’s something so relaxing about the quietude of a snowy morning or relishing the simplicity of a warm beverage on a frosty evening. It’s in these moments that the true spirit of the season reveals itself.


The Delight of Layered Attire


The drop in temperature isn’t the best for being cosy indoors. It’s about feeling cosy with how you dress. Enveloping ourselves in the comfort of thick socks, cozy season sweaters, and soft scarves is practical and inherently comforting. It’s about feeling protected and snug, whether lounging indoors or stepping out into the crisp air.


Mindful Activities for Restful Evenings


Engaging in restorative activities forms another pillar of winter hibernation. Be it the rhythmic click of knitting needles, the flowing movements of yoga, or the reflective practice of journaling, these activities provide a respite for the mind and soul, an escape from the day’s hustle. Yoga With Adrian is a great YouTube channel to follow if you want to try a new practice – she also does mindfulness.


Establishing Winter Rituals


The creation of rituals can imbue the season with a sense of comfort and predictability. Perhaps it’s a weekly soak in a bath infused with aromatic oils, a nightly routine of herbal tea, or leisurely weekend strolls in the frosty outdoors. These practices anchor us, providing solace in their regularity.


Nature’s Winter Tapestry


Maintaining a connection with the outdoors is also vital. Even though it’s tempting to neglect the outdoors, this is the season where mental health suffers the most because we are so isolated. The beauty of nature in winter – from the stark elegance of bare trees to the hush of a snow-covered landscape – offers a profound sense of peace and a reminder of the world’s natural rhythms.


A Time for Reflection


The cosiness of winter provides an ideal backdrop for introspection. So many people are getting into journalling and the benefits speak for themselves. You can buy cheap, five-minute journals on Amazon that encourage you to journal your thoughts for five minutes each day – it’s cathartic.

Hibernating during winter is one of the best feelings. Even if you have the New Year, New Me mantra, it’s still tricky to leave the warm comfort of a home. Instead, the time becomes about embracing the small joys, creating spaces of warmth and comfort, and appreciating the beauty of life’s simple pleasures.



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