Here’s Why Two Bathrooms Are Better Than One

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As far as home improvements go, there is nothing more luxurious and convenient than multiple bathrooms. Just think – no more early morning squabbling while waiting in a queue for the bathroom and easy access if you need to get up to use the toilet in the middle of the night. Not only does an extra bathroom enhance privacy and convenience, but The Bathroom Showroom found in their research in 2021 that 86% of house hunters are willing to pay more for a second bathroom and it can add up to 5% to your property value. Here’s our reasons why two bathrooms are better than one:

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Two Bathrooms Are Better Than One


Improved access and privacy

Privacy is essential, especially if you’re in a house share or living with young children. You’ll need a space where you can soak in a bubble bath and relax without worrying that someone will need to use the bathroom at any moment.

Having a bathroom on each floor also improves accessibility for any elderly or less able-bodied housemates. There is no need to struggle up the stairs or tiptoe around when nature is calling!

Accommodates future plans

If a growing family is in the cards for the future, multiple bathrooms comfortably accommodate these plans. Having a single bathroom with a large family means you’ll have to schedule everything from tooth brushing to using the toilet. This can be frustrating and lead to more than a few squabbles, especially if you’re running late on the school run or for work.

You can reduce conflict at home and maximise the functionality of your home with a bathroom addition. Plus, if you need to do any bathroom alterations or have a leaking toilet in one bathroom, there is always another to use!

Adds resale value

Limited bathroom access is a big culprit in bringing down your property value, with surveys showing this could reduce offers on your home by up to £20,000. When you add an ensuite or second bathroom, potential buyers are automatically willing to pay more but some bathroom features add more value than others.

For example, having spacious showers, electric showers, or power showers fitted to add a touch of luxury that makes for a relaxing bathroom experience. Other value-adding features are heated flooring, double-sink vanities, and heated towel racks.  

Impresses guests

If you’re one who likes to entertain often, a second bathroom is a must. You’re able to give your guests privacy and the freedom to use the bathroom whenever they want without having to adhere to your family’s schedule.

A guest bathroom also gives you an opportunity to impress visitors and address any creative urges you may have. Pairing the convenience of a second bathroom with creative décor ideas will have your friends and family subconsciously impressed at the style and functionality of your home.

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