Halloween Pumpkin Garland

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Fancy making an easy Halloween decor from a few fabric scraps? The onset of Autumn does mean that Halloween is on the horizon. And with that in mind I wanted to make a start on some Halloween decor ideas. Here is how to make a Halloween pumpkin garland.

How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin Garland


Make your own Halloween Pumpkin garland decoration using up all the fabric scraps in your scrap bag. Zero waste way to use waste fabric and up cycling old cloth to make your Autumn and fall decor. Great Halloween craft idea.  #zerowaste #recycled #upcycled #fabricscraps #pumpkin #pumpkingarland #halloween #halloweendecorations #halloweencrafts #halloweenideas #halloweendiy


I often have scraps of fabric left over from making other halloween items, such as dresses or bags. And this garland is a great way of using up all those little scraps that you have.

Even better, you can easily sew this by hand. And even if your hand sewing skills don’t amount to much, this is a pretty easy project that may even suit an older child. 

Ready to make a Halloween Pumpkin Garland? Read on!

You Will Need


Halloween Pumpkin garland items

  • Some pieces of fabric or felt – this is a great scrap buster, as mine are only about 4 inches square. The fabric pieces I used were all leftovers from Halloween dresses that I have made for Elizabeth. Or you can just use plain orange fabric.
  • Cotton to sew the pumpkins together
  • Thicker yarn, wool or embroidery cotton
  • scissors
  • stuffing for the pumpkins – you can buy this specially, but I actually save old pillows and use the stuffing from them, its much more eco-friendly to reuse them than throw them away!
  • long needles with a big eye for the thick yarn to go through
  • Some thicker string or coordinating wool/yarn to string the pumpkins onto at the end.

You can use a sewing machine but it’s not essential.

Halloween pumpkin garland sewing sides


Taking 2 matching squares right sides together, sew a narrow seam allowance down each side. This joins them together to make a tube. A sewing machine is best for this as it makes for a tighter seam, but you can hand sew with very small stitches instead.

Halloween pumpkin garland sewing bottom

Thread a needle with thin cotton/polyester thread, and at one end of the tube (still inside out) do a running stitch all around the top of the tube.

halloween pumpkins garland bottom 2

Pull this thread taut and put some stitches through the resulting bunched up fabric at the end.

halloween pumpkins garland bottom 3

Turn the tube inside out and you should find that you now have a closed end.

halloween pumpkins garland top 1

Again thread a needle with thin cotton and do another running stitch around the the other end of the tube. Keep the needle still attached.

halloween pumpkins garland filling 1

You now have a little bag to fill with stuffing.

halloween pumpkins garland filling 2


Fill the bag as much as you can to just under the line of stitching.

halloween pumpkins garland top 2

When it it fully stuffed, pull the needle and running stitches taut at the top, and sew a few stitches into the resulting bunched fabric to secure. You now have a padded ball of fabric ready to make it a pumpkin!

halloween pumpkins garland shaping 1


Thread a needle with a double thickness of the wool or embroidery yarn. Push the needle through the centre bottom of the padded ball, and out of the middle of the top of the ball

halloween pumpkins garland shaping 2

Pull the wool down the side of the ball and again put the needle into the middle of the base of the ball and out of the top middle of the ball. Pull the yarn tight to create a pumpkin shaped segment. Work around the ball to make 5 or 6 segments in total.

halloween pumpkins garland shaping 3

Once you get to the end push the needle through the pumpkin a couple of times. Cut the yarn about 3 inches from the pumpkin to leave a stem of yarn that you can tie a knot into.

halloween pumpkins garland stem

I added a little piece of green to make a stalk, by sewing some green fabric around the top of the pumpkin and around the yarn stem.

Finishing the Halloween Pumpkin Garland

halloween pumpkins garland collection

My mantlepiece is about 4 foot wide, so I made 7 pumpkins and cut a piece of yarn for the garland slightly longer than this. I threaded the pumpkins and knotted them onto the garland yarn at 6 inch (15cm) intervals using the loops created by knotting the top of the stems.

And here is the finished garland


halloween pumpkins garland finish 2

Such an easy and quick sew, my Halloween Pumpkin Garland took me about an hour to make in total.

Make your own Halloween Pumpkin garland decoration using up all the fabric scraps in your scrap bag. Zero waste way- use waste fabric and up cycling old cloth to make other things #zerowaste #recycled #upcycled #fabricscraps #pumpkin #pumpkingarland #halloween #halloweendecorations #halloweencrafts #halloweenideas #halloweendiy

I hope you have found this useful, I would love to see your makes and versions of this project. Do comment below, or tag me in your makes on social media!

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Happy Halloween. Why not pin this post for later?

Make your own Halloween Pumpkin garland decoration using up all the fabric scraps in your scrap bag. Zero waste way- use waste fabric and up cycling old cloth to make other things #zerowaste #recycled #upcycled #fabricscraps #pumpkin #pumpkingarland #halloween #halloweendecorations #halloweencrafts #halloweenideas #halloweendiy

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  1. Jo Boyne says:

    Thank you. Yes, the beauty is that you can use pretty much any fabric, to match a colour scheme or just to use up your scraps.

  2. KrisBeeMama says:

    I love finding crafts to do with scraps of fabric or felt. Thanks for the idea!!!

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I have plenty more scrap busting ideas in the pipeline so do stay tuned! Thank you for your comment.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      It really does not take that long, but I posted this post a while in advance as I love to plan ahead! Thank you for your comment

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Yes, I’m glad I made some traditional looking pumpkins as well as other colours. Thank you!

  3. Pen says:

    Well it looks wonderful. It looks like quite a lot of work though. I will probably just be buying a pumpkin from the supermarket and hoping that I don’t cut my fingers off when I carve it. Pen x #ablogginggoodtime


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