Habits That Keep Your House Tidy and Organised

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Have you ever visited a friend and wondered how they keep their house so neat and tidy? Even when they have children and toys to contend with? Keeping your house uncluttered and neat can be a challenge at times, but you can bet that your friend has some routines in place that help. Here are some tidy tips and habits that will keep your house tidy and organised.

Tidy Tips And Habits That Will Keep Your House Tidy and Organised



How do they manage it? You’ll be asking yourself. Well, it may be that they have employed someone to do the house cleaning for them. But it is also very simple to keep your home tidy if you adopt these simple and easily achievable habits as a family or group.


1. Have A Coat Stand And Shoe Rack In The Entrance Of Your Home


It may sound obvious, but having a place for coats to hang and shoes to be taken off is a great place to start keeping your house neat and clean. Just by adopting the habit of hanging up a coat and placing shoes in a rack will help keep the outside dirt out. And your carpets will be so much cleaner if you take up the ‘coat off, shoes off’ rule for everyone who enters.

2. Make Your Bed As Soon As You Get Up


Again, if you start every day by making your bed as soon as you leave it, you are getting into the habit of tidying up after yourself, and it makes your whole day start better.

U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven agrees with this. He gave this speech to the graduates of The University of Texas at Austin in 2014.


3. Have A Schedule Of When Rooms Get A ‘Deep’ Clean


Allot each room a day in the schedule when it can be given a once over. On this day spend some time giving the room a bit more of a deep clean.

This way, no room will ever get to the state where it needs a lot of time spending on it, as you will have kept on top of most of the jobs in there.

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4. Tidy As You Go Around The House


The best way to keep a house tidy is to be constantly vigilant about areas that get messy and to tidy them when you use those areas. Plus, never go upstairs or downstairs without taking something that has become out of place.

For instance, when we have done our weekly shop, if there are items that need to go up to the bathroom and bedrooms, they get left on the bottom step. The next person to go upstairs takes the items with them and tidies them away. Similarly, if an item is left upstairs and I am going down, I take it down with me. I never go anywhere empty handed.

This rule goes hand in hand with the next.


5. Makes Sure Everything Has A Place


If everything has its place, then everyone knows where that place is. And thus everyone can be responsible for making sure that if something is out of place it is put back where it belongs after use.

Have a hall table with a drawer for keys, or a key rack.

Or maybe consider investing in some storage options to keep things neat, tidy and out of sight? Like an ottoman.


6. Do The Dishes Before Bedtime – Or Use The Dishwasher Overnight


Our dishwasher has quite a long cycle, so doing the dishes during the day is not really an option. So we now fill the washer up all day, and do one big wash overnight.

Result? – sparkling dishes as soon as you wake up.

Alternatively, do the dishes before bedtime. Then you don’t have that job to wake up to first thing in the morning.


7. Rules For Keeping The House Tidy – Get The Children To Help


Adopt the rule that one thing must be put away before something else is got out. Especially where toys are involved. Though this can extend to DVDs and other items.

And if you do have children, install in them the need to keep their own areas neat. Maybe even adopt a tidy song from the internet to help?

Here are some other ideas to get everyone involved in the chores.


8. Declutter As Much As You Can


One of the biggest obstacles to a tidy house is clutter. So declutter as much as you can. Your house will instantly look more organised and tidy.

These posts give some great tips 

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9. Stop Buying It  – Unless You Really Need It


Not buying anything new unless you absolutely really need it, will stop all the clutter building back up again, and causing your house to be untidy.

Maybe set yourself the challenge of decluttering one item for every new one that you buy?


10. Choose Experiences Over Things When Buying Presents


One of my favourite subjects is trying to persuade people to buy experience gifts over material things. It is so much better for the planet. And leaves your home looking so much tidier!

Plus, my little girl would much rather be out in nature or seeing some history than playing indoors. Here are some great posts about why experiences are better and some ideas.

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The Gift Of English Heritage Days Out


So there you have it. The tidy tips and secrets to how your home can be spotless and clean. As long as you adopt these habits that keep your house tidy and organised.

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Do you think that these tidy tips could be easily implemented into your lifestyle? Have you any other tips that you wish to share? I would love to hear your views. Comment below, or find me on social media.

And please do pin this post to read later.

Habits That Keep Your House Tidy and Organised - ever wondered how some people manage to keep their homes clean & spotless? Here are the secrets to their organisation & lack of clutter. Make these habits yours and see a difference in your life. #tidyhome #tidyhousetips #tidyhometips #tidyhabits #tidy #habitsforsuccess #tidyingup #cleaningtips #cleanhouse #cleaningideas #cleaningtipsandtricks #organizedhome #organizationtips #declutter #declutteryourhome #declutteringahouse


12 Replies to “Habits That Keep Your House Tidy and Organised”

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you. Yes, I definitely do not want to get back to the incredibly cluttered state my house was in 2 years ago!

  1. Carol says:

    I’ve used every one of your habits to help keep organized. Great post – pinned and shared! #MMBC

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Totally agree. I hate an unmade bed, I don’t feel like I can start the day until this is done.

  2. Denise Lindsay says:

    Really good tips there ! I usually make my bed at least half an hour after I’m up as I read something about bedbugs and body heat. Can’t remember what it was now. I’ve been following the organised mum method and find that helps me keep my home tidy but I really do need to declutter all my crap!!

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you. You got me looking for bed bug facts now! LOL. And decluttering takes up a fair amount of my time too!

  3. Josephine says:

    Thanks Jo for sharing these great tips.
    It can be really hard to keep the house tidy with little ones around. These tips definitely come in handy.

  4. Lesley says:

    Great ideas! It’s one of those things that once you have consciously made yourself do them, that they become second nature. It’s the making yourself do them thats sometimes the sticking point for me 🙂


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