Growing Up: Bedroom Ideas for Teens

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As your child transitions from being a kid into being a teenager and eventually a young adult, their bedroom and bedroom needs will change. Here are a few bedroom ideas for teens and tips for creating a bedroom for your teenager that they will love.

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Bedroom Ideas for Teens

Bedroom Ideas for Teens

Make it Comfortable

 The first thing you need to do is to make it comfortable and cosy. Linen pillowcases, soft lighting, such as a dimmable LED neon name signa plant or two; all of these things contribute to creating a space where your teenager can relax and unwind. 

While there is no need to turn the room into a 5-star day spa, just do enough to make it a space that is enjoyable to be in and adds relaxation to your child’s life and not stress. 

Add Furniture

Depending on the size of the room, it is probably a good idea to add a few bits of extra furniture besides just a bed. A couch or chair is perfect, especially if your child likes to have sleepovers, as well as a desk for doing schoolwork. 

This is a room where they will be spending a lot of their time; therefore, it would definitely make them happy if it feels more like a mini apartment than just a bedroom.  

Make it Study-Friendly 

As mentioned, this is a space where you teenager is going to spend a lot of time, and this is especially true for when they are doing school work and studying. Therefore, their bedroom needs to make studying and working easier. 

A desk should be a given, but you should also add a comfortable chair, a small bookshelf for their study materials, a place to store stationery, and an additional drawer or two for bits and bobs. This space needs to be functional, so focus on what the additions do as opposed to what they look like. 

If a regular study area isn’t possible, a reading chair can also do the job if you are limited on space. 

Add Storage 

Speaking of storage, adding enough of it has two big benefits. The first is that your teenager will have more than enough space to keep their clothes and their belongings without having to have them on display everywhere. 

Secondly, it is much easier to keep a room clean if you have enough space to put all of your things, and while most teenagers are notoriously not the tidiest, this is a big plus. 

Bedroom Ideas for Teens

Include Teenage Essentials 

Lastly, don’t forget to include teenage essentials. A larger bed is a must, as this is the stage when your child will grow, and they will quickly outgrow the bed they used when they were younger. 

Add a bedside lamp, some nice cushions, blankets, and curtains, and anything else you think they may want or need to use regularly. 

What Not to Do

There are a few things you should avoid when designing your teenagers room. A couple are obvious, while others can be done by accident. 

Avoid Themes

The first thing you need to do is avoid theming the room around something your child likes or is interested in. It isn’t surprising for a 12 or 13-year-old to really love dinosaurs, but it does not mean 17 or 18-year-olds want a dino-themed bedroom. 

Instead, rather add decorations, art, statues, or something similar that is themed around what they like instead of making the entire room that theme. This way, it can easily be changed if interests change, and it can also be added to as well.

Don’t Make it Hard to Clean

One mistake that happens too often is parents create a room that is too difficult to keep clean and tidy. There are too many surfaces and bits and bobs to clean and not enough space to pack things away. 

Instead, try and keep the room simple but still functional. If an object isn’t necessary, don’t add it, as it just becomes another thing to keep clean. 

Don’t Guess What They Want

If you are designing this room for your teenager, don’t assume you know what they like and want. This also ties into the point about adding a theme; just because your child is really into a particular interest, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want their bedroom to reflect that. 

Instead, ask them what they would like; do they want a window seat, a beanbag, a regular desk or a drawing desk? Ask these questions so that you only have to make one purchase and then go a few years without having to replace any of it. 

Add Too Much Tech

Finally, one aspect that can be tricky to balance is how much tech you have in your teenager’s room. On one hand, they need internet and a laptop or computer for work, but on the other hand, you don’t want them spending all day locked in their room. 

To balance this, it is best to give them access to enough tech to their work while keeping things like their PS5 or Nintendo Switch or something like that in a different room. While this won’t necessarily avoid the problem altogether, it can help. 


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