Great Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids

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It’s December – the best holiday season of the year! The kids are free from their schoolwork, and relatives visit each other’s homes. However, an average working adult is usually caught up in responsibilities and household chores.So, if you’re running out of time and Christmas is just around the corner, don’t panic. It’s a very common situation that all adults go through at least once in their lifetime. This is why we have compiled this life-saving guide! Today’s post will discuss 5 great last-minute Christmas gifts for kids. From hoverboards to delicious cupcake treats, let’s have a look at what kids like to have for Christmas!

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Fun Soft Pillows

We all have those boring rectangular pillows at home. They are soft and comfortable, but they don’t feel special. If you are familiar with what a kid likes and dislikes, giving him a fun pillow is the best idea. There are hundreds of fun pillow designs available at local stores like Target and Walmart. You will come across cars, butterflies, emojis, fruits, quotes, and much more. Pick a fun pillow your kid will like and make them feel special!

Custom Artwork

Digital artwork is a popular gift item nowadays. People enjoy receiving different forms of digital illustrations that they can print out and hang on the walls. If you go with something cute and custom, kids will love it too!

Find a digital artist in your local area and ask them to create custom art. You can share a photograph of the child or his interests so that the artist can make something that the kid will really like. Or, if you think the child is too young to enjoy digital artwork as a gift, reach out to a print-on-demand business and ask them to print the name/picture of the child on different items. This can be a mug, notebook, and even a T-shirt. Everyone loves that!


A hoverboard is one of those fascinating Christmas gifts for kids above 10 years old. The motorized wheels and self-balancing mechanism make it a fun thing to use. Kids can learn how to balance themselves and travel short distances, too. However, the learning should take place under adult supervision. 


If the kid is into literature and stories, what could be a better gift than a book? Visit any local bookstore and search for a good storybook. Here are some tips to help you make the purchase faster:

Look for the age group label. Usually, bookstores organize the books according to the suitable age group. This ensures the reader is able to understand the content and enjoy it, too.
Quickly read the book summary. The short description on the backside of the book cover is a good insight into what the story is about. Only pick the book if you think the child will enjoy it.
Ask the storekeeper for recommendations. Bookstore employees are trained to know about the different types of books available. If you can’t find an appropriate book yourself, explain the situation to the staff and ask for a suggestion. 

A safe choice in books is activity books. If you aren’t sure about whether the child will like a particular storybook or not, just grab an activity book and pair it with some new stationery!

Cupcakes & Treats

No one can refuse a box of freshly baked cupcakes! And the best part is that most bakeries are open on Christmas. You can easily buy Christmas-themed cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and other delicious treats as a gift for kids.                                                                     

Before You Go!

Christmas is a festive occasion where people should think only about the good things in life and celebrate with their loved ones. If you forgot about buying Christmas gifts for kids and there is no time left to arrange something good, don’t blame yourself. It happens to the best of us.  

Just remember that as long as your focus is on spreading happiness through your words, presence, and behavior – everything is fine. Cook a tasty meal for you and the kids, and enjoy the occasion!



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