Going To School Nursery – How To Prepare

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Well, it’s been a big week for us here in the Rose Tinted House. Whilst E has been at a private nursery for the last 3 years we decided that it was time for a change. We decided to send E to the nursery at the school that she is most likely to be going to in our area. So now she is going to school nursery.

Going To School Nursery

E will be going to school nursery this week. Why did we made the decision to change? Find out here - and also see how we have prepared. #schoolnursery #nurseryschoolpreparation #schoolnurserypreparation #nurseryschool #kindergarten_readiness #nurseryready #kindergartenready #kindergarten

E has loved being at a private nursery since she was 9 months old. but she is now one of the oldest children there. And sometimes she is a good 6 months older than the other children in her group. So we thought that is was a good idea to start her at a local school nursery.

There were lots of reasons for our decision…


To Get her Used to the Discipline of Real School


We think that this is the best way to get her used to the discipline, sights and sounds of the place before she has to start school for real.

Whilst the private nursery do some structured learning, we think that there will be more structure to the learning in school nursery. This nursery actually has a teacher and two assistants in each group. And we have already had a bit of homework!

Furthermore, she will be around other boys and girls who are her age. They hopefully will help her improve emotionally and educationally.

It is looking like she is going to be left handed!


To Get Her Used To Wearing A Uniform


It is optional for her to wear a uniform, but I have decided that she should. It takes away the morning arguments over what she is going to wear and keeps her other clothes cleaner!

She actually got really excited over her new school uniform. And over picking her new school bag, shoes and water bottle.

She loves her new school uniform!


Get Us Used To The Routine Of Drop Offs And Pick Ups


This is a big one. For the last couple of years whilst I have been off work, E has gone to private nursery. But it has been a very relaxed routine. Particularly on a morning. So we all need to learn about getting to school on time! Honestly, this is going to be as much of a learning experience for me as it is E.

Secondly, she is going to be at school nursery in normal school hours. This will mean a big routine shift for me. But it is one that will prepare me for the next few years. If I am going to go back to working in any capacity, I am going to have to work around these hours. Because we have no-one to fall back on for picking E up after school.

To Get Her Used To School Mealtimes

School meal times are a different affair to what she has been used to at home and at her private nursery. In school nursery she will be having packed lunches, so I am busy planning some healthy choices! 

But she will be eating in a communal room with more children of her own age, so it is going to be important for her to learn some etiquette and how to eat with utensils. It’s a great learning experience that I think will bring her on far quicker than the more relaxed attitude she has been used to at her private nursery.

And see here for why school meals can totally change your child’s attitudes to food.


To Make Friends


Hopefully, some of the little ones that she makes friends with in nursery school will go on to be her fellow pupils at this same school. We do therefore hope that this prepares E for being with some of these children for the next 6-7 years.


So What Have We Done To Prepare For Going To School Nursery?

We have bought her a couple of lovely uniforms. And whilst we did buy some new from M&S, I also bought some second hand. She will always have a spare set and spare undies in her school bag, as she still has the odd accident.

Everything is name labelled!

See here why second hand is more sustainable

She chose her own school bag and water bottle. 

We have been trying to prepare her in the normal way for being ready for big school.

  • She is able to use the loo and wash her hands – needing just the odd prompt
  • can get dressed and put shoes and coat on with very little help
  • can eat well by herself
  • She recognises her own name
  • knows quite a lot of capital letters
  • can count to 20
  • and sometimes knows her left from right!

Though the nursery will help with these a little as she isn’t really due to be totally ready for another year yet.

We have had a home visit and some taster sessions at the school. She loved it – so I do hope that she will love going to school nursery this week!

E will be going to school nursery this week. Why did we made the decision to change? Find out here - and also see how we have prepared. #schoolnursery #nurseryschoolpreparation #schoolnurserypreparation #nurseryschool #kindergarten_readiness #nurseryready #kindergartenready #kindergarten


8 Replies to “Going To School Nursery – How To Prepare”

  1. Lisa - Little Orange Dog says:

    She looks so cute in her little uniform. A lot of schools now sell second hand uniform which is such a good idea, my youngest always had her sister’s hand me downs.

    I hope she enjoys herself at school nursery, I’m sure she will and well done doing so well in the prep.


    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you. So far so good. Though we did have that “Do I have to go back – I went yesterday?” moment this week!

  2. sam says:

    She is rocking the school uniform and one good think about doing nursery earlier is they get used to the educational environment and staff so they can adapt to the new transition of school life X #pocolo

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Yes, this was exactly what we really wanted. She is going to adapt better to reception I hope for going to school nursery.

  3. Mel says:

    This was very insightful! And she’s so adorable!

    Need an update! How is she doing 3 months down the line? 🙂

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Thank you. And yes, I will post an update over the Christmas Holidays!


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