Goals for September 2018 – And August Summary

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I haven’t done an update on how my Goals for August 2018  went yet, so I thought I would do a quick post about how I have been getting on and talk about my Goals for September 2018.

Goals for September 2018 – And August Summary


I have now been doing my blog for 6 weeks. I am still enjoying the whole process, and am seeing more views a day, but do still want to increase these views, and build on this. The next step is to add a download and a printable whilst creating my email list. I want to be able to give my readers something for being loyal to my blog!

I have managed to do my 3 posts a week as I had planned. I’ve even thrown in the odd extra post. They haven’t been on my 3 planned topics though.

As I said in my goals for August, I do tend to stray from my intended topics of weight loss, stress busting and sewing. I have moved my topics onto frugal living, and motherhood, as I am realising these are also topics that I know and care about. I find writing posts that I have passion for much better than if I have to stick to topic. Though I have a lot of posts in my head that ARE on topic!

In August I have managed to double all my followers on social media pretty much on all platforms except my Facebook page. I need to do more with that page as I just haven’t used it. And I am trying to engage as much as I can in the time I have. It is a fine line when I have to spend time with my family.

Weight loss

My weight has not changed unfortunately. It’s been hard over summer, as my other half has been off work (he’s a teacher) and we have gone out more and eaten out more. I have really enjoyed my summer off. But my weight loss has halted. It may be easier once I am back into another routine.

My steps have also not really increased. I do need to work on this more.


Again, not really much progress here. I have cut out some of the dresses that I need to sew, but have done very little actual sewing.  I do need to get the dresses made up so that I can photograph them before I can place them on Etsy. A real block of time is needed to do this.

My Goals for September 2018

Blog goals
  • carry on doing 3 solid posts a week.
  • improve and work on my Facebook page
  • increase my social media following
  • comment more on others posts
Weight loss goals
  • To lose ate least half a stone in September, and increase my steps
  • Stick more to the weight watchers plan and track on my phone
  • Cut out a lot of the rubbish and drinking that I have been doing.
Sewing Goals

With Christmas in mind and Halloween I do need to be getting a wiggle on with sewing and putting on Etsy in the first week of September.

So – there are my Goals for September 2018 – and my August Summary. How have you been getting on with your August goals? I would love to hear your progress reports. Do comment below, or contact me on social media.


I’m taking part in the  Monthly Goals (and updates!) Linky hosted by Charlotte over at CharlotteMusha.co.uk

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