Giving Ethical Jewellery This Christmas – Our Wolf And Gypsy Review

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As Christmas is coming you may be looking to give that someone special a piece of jewellery this year. But do you know where your jewellery has come from? Is it ethical or sustainable? Well, today I am going to introduce you to the Wolf And Gypsy brand. Buying their products mean that you will be giving ethical jewellery this Christmas.

Please note: Wolf and Gypsy subsequently rebranded as Wolf and Zephyr.

*Ad – We were gifted a piece of Wolf And Gypsy jewellery for the purpose of this post and review, but all opinions are our own – for more details please see the Disclosure Policy 

Giving Ethical Jewellery This Christmas – Our Wolf And Gypsy Review


Giving Ethical Jewellery This Christmas - here is a review of Wolf And Gypsy. See what makes them stand out as being more sustainable.

Who Are Wolf And Gypsy?


Wolf and Zephyr are a Manchester brand with a deep passion for creating stylish, ethical and meaningful jewellery pieces.

Tori Shay is the creative force behind the brand, and Wolf and Zephyr comes from the meaning behind her son’s name, Rafe, and from Tori’s own love of travel. Her collection shows her keep love for the spiritual and bohemian meaning that can be found in distant cultures.

Wolf &  make their jewellery from sterling silver, gold vermeil and 14 carat gold. Moreover they also sometimes include ethically sourced, conflict-free gemstones such as moonstone, topaz, turquoise, emerald and diamonds. They source recycled sterling silver and gold and use eco-friendly packaging throughout every process to minimise the environmental impact of their production processes. And finally they work closely with the artisans in India, that work in an ethical workshop.

As a result of this they are unquestionably a very ethical brand from which to purchase jewellery pieces.


My Kali Necklace


Wolf and Gypsy kindly gifted me a piece from their classic necklace collection. I took a look through all their designs and was immediately drawn to the Kali Necklace.

The Kali Necklace - Wolf And Gypsy

Kali is the Hindu goddess of time, creation, destruction and power. She destroys evil in order to protect the innocent, and bestows divine protection. This necklace really will remind me that from any bad things that happen good things will come. It symbolises the cycle of life and rebirth. Thus, after the year that we have had, this message really did speak to me.

The necklace comprises a large round pendant with a stamped image of Kali. And I asked for a longer chain of 22 inches, which means that I can layer it up with other pendants that I have. Indeed it is a really classic piece of jewellery that could be worn anywhere and for any occasion.

Furthermore, it came beautifully gift wrapped and incredibly well presented in a gift box and tissue wrapping. It is a really timeless piece.


Wolf And Gypsy Sustainable Packaging


Other Notable Pieces On The Wolf And Gypsy Site


I was totally spoilt for choice on the Wolf And Gypsy website. Without a doubt they really do have some gorgeous pieces off jewellery to choose from for people of all ages and tastes. Other favourites of mine included

  • The Earth Element necklace – As a Capricorn earth sign, I was definitely drawn to this textured pendant with it’s Earth symbol surrounded by ethically sourced topaz stones.
  • the individual hoop earrings. Wolf And Gypsy sell earrings separately so you can create your own pairings and unique look.
  • some of the wonderful vintage pieces of jewellery on the site. As these pieces are ‘one-off’ styles, you will not find anyone else wearing them. 


So I do hope that you think a little more about where your jewellery pieces are being produced this year. Do you think that you will be giving more ethical jewellery this Christmas? I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below, or do contact me over at my socials.

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Giving Ethical Jewellery This Christmas - here is a review of Wolf And Gypsy. See what makes them stand out as being more sustainable.


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  1. Sam says:

    I love ethical jewellery and jewellery like this! The packaging also attracts me with the moon on it <3 This is super pretty!


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