DIY Gifts For Men

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Do you find that it can be easy to make cool handmade gifts for your girl friends, colleagues and female family members, but that it is hard to come up with a perfect DIY gift idea for the men in your life? Are you looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas, Christmas gifts, birthday, teacher or DIY anniversary gifts? Does your man have everything? Well, here is a great list of DIY gifts for men – perfect handmade gift ideas that you can make yourself. 

*This post has been updated, it was originally published in November 2020.

DIY Gifts For Men



This list of DIY gift ideas will help you overcome that sinking feeling when you cannot think of what to make for a male recipient. Men can sometimes be difficult to buy for. They often don’t want or need anything. 

But I always think that a homemade gift creation shows a bit more thought and special effort than a shop bought idea. Sometimes all you do need to do is use a more masculine fabric, and they become ideal homemade gifts for a man. And so I hope that you find something in this list that fits the bill.

What kind of thing should you be making when making DIY gifts for him? Here are some of my favourite ideas…


Fabric Bookmark


Does your man love to read? Then these fabric corner bookmarks are one of those perfect homemade gifts for him. Make it in a suitable fabric, such as his favourite football team or comic book character. And why not buy him his favourite author’s new blockbuster and include this in the package?

DIY Gifts for men - Fabric bookmarks

Leather Bookmark

Alternatively, another unique handmade gift idea is this DIY leather bookmark, which is an easy DIY to make out of leather scraps. See how here.

DIY leather bookmark - how to make a simple leather page keeper from an old soft upcycled leather jacket. Zero waste and sustainable sewing project that reuses an old leather garment to make a new gift or item to sell. Use this easy sewing tutorial and create your own small leather goods from a thrifted or charity shop find. Great upcycling idea - stop old clothes going to landfill by reusing and recycling every last small piece!


Notebook Pen Holder

This is another of those handmade gifts men love, because they are forever losing their pens! Make this notebook pen holder to keep their pen always at hand with their notebook or diary. My other half uses his for his gym stats.

Notebook pen holder

Beard Balm


DIY beard balm is one of those homemade gifts men are sure to love. And is the perfect gift for male friends and family with facial hair that need taming. And it is super easy to make. This post from Happiest Camper shows you how.

Photo credit: Happiest Camper

Beard Oil

Alternatively, why not make some beard oil? Here is how to make it, plus 12 easy recipes

Ear Bud Case


Most men that I know love tech and have earphones that they just carry around in their pockets, so the next handmade gift ideas for him is perfect.  Why not help them to stay organised by making an earphone pouch, in a fabric that they will love?

Ear bud case


Comic Book Character Soap


I really love this next DIY mens gifts idea! My other half is a huge Star Wars fan. So this Hans Solo Carbonite soap idea from The Gingerbread House makes a great stocking filler idea for boys and men of all ages. They have lots of other great gift ideas on their blog too, so go check them out. This step by step tutorial shows you how to make it.

Hans Solo Carbonite Soap
Photo courtesy of The Gingerbread House


Comic Book Coasters


Whether your man is a tea, coffee or soda drinker, he needs somewhere to place his cup. And these DIY comic book coasters from Drugstore Divas just need Mod Podge, tiles and glaze to preventing him from marking the furniture. They make perfect DIY gifts for guys who like comics! Go see the tutorial to find out how to make them.

Photo courtesy of Drug Store Divas


Fabric Coasters

Alternatively,  if you sew and have a whole load of fabric scraps, why not also make these very easy fabric coasters? Make them in his favourite fabric for his den or study and save the furniture from heat marks!

Easy fabric coasters


Rice Bag Hand Warmers

The next of our homemade mens gifts are perfect for men who work outdoors or go out in winter. Heat these reusable hand warmers up in the microwave and have them in your pockets to keep your hands toasty as the temperatures start to freeze. Find out how to make them here.



For those of you that love to sew with stretch fabric, why not make your man a t-shirt in a cool fabric? He will love a custom made make. My personal go to favourite pattern is the Peak T-shirt pattern found in this book of unisex patterns from Wendy Ward.


Peak T-shirt


Bow Tie


Whilst we are on the subject of clothing, you could also make your man this lovely bow tie, which is a brilliant tutorial over at Handmade in the Heartland. It is one of those fun and super simple DIY mans gifts to sew.

Photo courtesy of Handmade In The Heartland


Tie Or Waistcoat


And still in the clothing department, most men get boring shop bought ties. Stand out from the crowd by making him a custom tie in a cool fabric. And for added effect you could even make a matching waistcoat. I love this pattern by Simplicity that has a lot of different styles and sizes included.

Simplicity pattern 4762 for mens waistcoats and ties

Fabric Hanger Safe

Does your gift recipient travel away a lot? Then one of the DIY gifts men who are away a lot would love is one of these fabric hanger safes. They are perfect for hiding valuables under clothes in your closet of motels and hotels. See how to make one here.

How To Make A Fabric Hanger Safe - this hanging closet hiding place is a perfect place to stash passports, cash & jewellery when on vacation. We all want our valuables safe & hidden away when we are on vacation. This easy sewing tutorial helps you do just that! Where do you hide your jewellery, passports & cash if you are on holiday without a safe? Why not hang it out of sight yet in an easy to reach place under your clothes? Here is how to make a closet hanger safe.



Does your man need a lanyard for work? Then why not make a custom fabric one. This tutorial over at The Goods Design Co. shows you how.

Photo Courtesy of The Goods Design Co.


Chapstick Holder


Men love soft lips too. And what better way to keep his lip salve to hand than a lip salve holder that he can clip to his belt or bag? Again, made in a manly fabric, these make brilliant homemade gifts for men. See this tutorial to find out how to make them, and find my free printable pattern.

Lip balm holders


Soda Can Cake


The next of our handmade mens gifts is a great idea for the man who loves soft drinks. Make it with his favourite cans of soft drink…or it can even be made with his favourite beer cans! Add lottery tickets, candy bars and scratch cards to personalise it even more. Find the fun tutorial over at The Keele Deal.

Photo courtesy of The Keele Deal


Reusable Straw Case


While your man is out and about, why not make your man a cool reusable straw case to keep his pocket dry and his reusable straw clean? This tutorial will show you how to make them.

Reusable Straw Case


Reusable Sandwich Wrap


And whilst you pack his reusable straw case, why not make a matching reusable sandwich wrap in a masculine or cool fabric choice?

Reusable Sandwich Wrap


Flannel Hankies


These flannel hankies are a perfect beginner make. And whilst they are the perfect last minute DIY gift ideas for him, they are also a thoughtful gift that most men appreciate. Plus, they can be up cycled from an old shirt. See the tutorial over at Beginner Sewing Projects.


Photo courtesy of Beginner Sewing Projects


Dog Poo Bag Pouch 


Is your man a dog lover? Then he will love this pouch for clipping to his belt to hold poo bags when he takes the dog for a walk. Keep your poop bags close at hand. See the tutorial here.

How to Make A Dog Poop Bag Holder - ever forget your dog poo bags? Or lose them in your bag or pockets? Then use this easy step by step sewing tutorial to make a convenient, useful and handy dispenser. Perfect dog walking and dog lovers gift or present accessory. #sewing #dogpoopbagholder #dogwalking #giftsfordogowners #dogownergifts #dogaccessory #dogs


Hessian Shower Pouf


Do you loathe those plastic shower scrubbers but your man loves the way that they wash and exfoliate? Then why not make him a burlap shower pouf? Add it to his favourite bath or shower wash and let him pamper himself. They are the perfect handmade gifts for men who like to exfoliate. See here for how to make it.


Heat Therapy Rice Bags


Has your man got aches and pains? It is easy to make a heat therapy pack with a few simple items. It is a thoughtful gift for anyone who needs to relax or has to deal with nagging pain. See the tutorial over at Massage Gear Guru.

Photo courtesy of Massage Gear Guru



So I hope that I have given you plenty of ideas there for some gifts to make for men. Have you decided to make any of them? Or have you other ideas? I would love to hear your comments. Comment below, or find me over on my social media channels.

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8 Replies to “DIY Gifts For Men”

  1. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    Ooo some really good ideas. I especially like the ear bud case. I’ve seen some cases for those super expensive bluetooth buds and they’re £50+! I also like the soda can cake with scratchcards – I wouldn’t mind receiving that myself! xx

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      The earbud cases are really handy. I keep one in the car with some loose change for parking etc. And they clip to your bag easily too.

  2. Joanne says:

    These are some really great ideas! I often stick to food type gifts for men. A few years ago I made a bunch of spice rubs and seasoning packets for my step father who often can’t/won’t use the ones sold in stores since they have added sugar in them.

  3. Natalie Bell says:

    Glad you liked the rice bags for heat therapy! Thank you for the link and attribution, we hope your readers get a lot of value out of this tutorial 🙂


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