Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Has Everything

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If you are anything like me, you have friends and relatives who are really difficult to buy for. As the years go by, you know that you have bought them lots of things they adore, but it is getting harder to choose the perfect present. So what do you choose? Well, here are some gift ideas for the woman who has everything.

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Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Has Everything


As you know, I am not a particular fan of giving things that are not needed as gifts. As I declutter my own life, I am finding myself becoming far more mindful of the gifts that I give. The last thing I wish to do is clutter up a friend’s house and life. So these days I tend to choose gifts very carefully, and think a little bit out of the box when giving gifts. A thoughtful gift idea that is perfectly tailored to the recipient is my ultimate goal.

Whatever the occasion, here are some perfect gift ideas that make for ideal birthday or Christmas gifts. A few ideas to get you started and help you to get everyone the perfect present.

What Are The Gifts Women Love The Most?

Every person is different, but most women I know love useful and thoughtful gifts such as pretty home decor, an essential oil diffuser, personalised wine glasses, or their favourite scented candle. But how do you discover which scent is their favourite? And how do you find out what brands or treats they love the most? 

Here is my biggest tip for deciding what to buy your friend or relative a gift. 

Ask your friend or relative for 3 things that they love, and 3 things that they hate. And then all you need to do is build a gift around that. 

By doing this you cannot really go wrong, as you will be able to tailor a unique gift for your friend.

Mindful Gifting

I call this mindful gifting as it means that you will never buy something that your female friend or loved one does not like. Every gift you give will be loved and cherished.

Now that you have a good idea of what the best thoughtful gifts for your friend may be, where can you find places to purchase?

Places To Find Unique Gifts

There are many places on the internet to find unique hand made and out of the ordinary gift ideas. Plus I always love to shop locally, where you can often find shops that sell things that are a little more out of the ordinary.

Etsy is a great place to start when you are looking for a more unusual item. Or you could maybe choose from a subscription box or magazine subscription? I love these gifts as they last throughout the whole year!

floral gift

Floral Gifts

My next suggestion of gift ideas for the woman who has everything is flowers. I personally love receiving flowers, whatever the occasion. 

If your friend or relative loves flowers, why not arrange for some to be sent to their home? You can find some beautiful bouquets on to suit most budgets.

Give Them A Stunning Canvas For Their Wall

Some of the best gifts are those that last a lifetime and enhance your space. These gorgeous canvas prints from Photowall are an amazing gift idea. Find one that perfectly expresses the personality of the recipient.

Photowall canvas - castle

Create A Unique Gift Just For Them

Do you have a hobby or craft pastime from which you can create a gift? My sewing and crafting has developed into a great way of providing me with the unique gift, whether that be Mother’s Day gifts, Christmas or for a teacher at the end of the school year. Why don’t you try the same? 

Or why not make a really special video gift? One of my friends got married in Las Vegas recently. And I made a video gift to the happy couple, a special message from all the people who could not be there. Something like this is a lovely thought. All you really need is a video converter for Mac to be adding important moments related to that person into your video. 

Send Them A Voucher

Finally, why not give or send your friend a voucher or gift card for a service or place that they love to shop? In more recent years, due to not being able to meet up in person, e-vouchers certainly have become a little bit of a lifeline for our family. But I love when I am given vouchers for my local salon or nail boutique. As this means I feel like I am getting my nails or hair done for free occasionally. Which always makes for a lovely treat.

And as you may know, my own personal favourite twist on giving vouchers is my idea of giving the gift of your time. Have you got a talent that you can offer, such as gardening, darning or helping someone do a job around the house? Well why not pledge your time as a gift? I created A Rose Tinted Gift Voucher of my own if you would like to print and use this to do this for yourself! 

Happy Gifting

I hope that I have given you a few great ideas for gifts for the woman that has everything. Will you be using any of these ideas? I love to hear your ideas and reactions. Comment below, or do come and find me on my socials, where I talk about all these ideas and more. 


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