Getting Positive about Stress

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Isn’t it time for getting positive about stress?

Getting Positive About Stress?


Does that sound like a contradiction to you? Maybe so, but maybe it is time to look at the positives to the stress in our daily lives so that we can manage it properly and not let it overwhelm us.

We all seem far more stressed today than ever. We are working far longer hours, which is such a strange thing considering we have all the labour saving devices in our homes. And have mini computers in our pockets at all times.

It is hard to find an hour a day to ourselves.If you are anything like me you end up doing the washing at 11pm, and check your emails (and even start replying) before you leave your bed on a morning. There is always a to-do list. Subsequently you get stressed with the ‘not been done’ list. Having the time to relax is often on both as we end up prioritising work over relaxation time.

We know that stress is a bad thing. It leads to quite a few illnesses, saps our energy and mood, and affects our work and relationships. However, often we know all this but don’t act. Stress tends to creep up upon us and will eventually take over.

So what can we do?

So we need to learn how to deal with it. And the first way to do this is by being more positive and proactive about the stress in our lives. This doesn’t mean accepting it all at once, but admitting that it is there, and that it need not bury us.

Some short term bursts of stress are useful, focussing our minds. Making us sharper. So we need to utilise short bursts of stress to improve our lot in life. Getting positive about stress can energise our potential.

However the long term chronic stress that builds up over months needs our attention. We need to practice stress reduction daily even for just 10 minutes to ensure we stay on top of it all.

Change is uncomfortable, but learning to master the stress brought on by change can be the motivator you need to strive for a better life where you are more fulfilled.

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