Getting Festive With Moonpig

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I am sure that you will have heard of Moonpig. But did you know that they sell more than just cards on their app? I didn’t know that either. So I was very pleased when I was recently invited to a special Moonpig online event. They showed me how the app works, and some of it’s amazing new features. Whilst getting festive with Moonpig I found out exactly what the Moonpig phone app can do, and experienced some of the other gifts that Moonpig have available on their site.

*AD-gifted – I received several items to review for this post. All thoughts and opinions on these items and the Moonpig app are my own. For more details please see my Disclosure Policy

Getting Festive With Moonpig



This year seems to have gone incredibly quickly. And it is hard to believe that we are only 2 months away from Christmas. But it is still a really good time to get organised. And the Moonpig app is a great way to begin, as it is full of brilliant features to help you organise your Christmas card and gift ideas.

Designing Cards With The Moonpig App


As you would expect, the Moonpig App is great for choosing personalised cards. They have a massive selection of cards that are easily and quickly personalised. As you probably already know, you can often add your own pictures, or change the names on a Moonpig card.

But this year Moonpig are really going all out trying to make sure that people can stay connected. Even when they cannot be together due to the current turbulent times.

The app has several brilliant features such as

  • being able to see your card design on the desk in front of you – with the special AR preview mode
  • being able to save your card part way through the precess and come back to it at a later date.
  • having a host of pre written ideas of what to put as text inside that special card – how many times have you been lost for words for what got put? Moonpig has thought of that.

And a great new feature is that you can add your own handwriting, drawing or doodle into the card too!

Just write your message with a dark pen on a white piece of paper. Scan this using the app, and it uploads to be used as your own personalised greeting inside the card. You can get the whole family to write and doodle on the paper for that ultimate personal touch this Christmas.

The Moonpig Christmas card selection is available here.

Moonpig Christmas Cards


Never Forget A Special Occasion Again


The Moonpig App also has the ability to store all your contact addresses, and remember the special occasion dates that you input into the system. You can add your special occasion dates from your own calendar if you use that function, or add them manually. 

Once these birthdays and special occasions have been added to the calendar, Moonpig will send you a notification a week before and 3 days before such events. Thus ensuring you never need miss that special birthday or occasion again.

And – on top of this, the Moonpig app can save all the recipient addresses in your address book, so with the touch of a button your designed card can be sent straight away.

Or – want to send a card a few days from now? The app also lets you delay dispatch of the card until closer to the time. So you have no excuse. You can schedule all your birthday cards for the whole of the coming year should you desire!

Some features are sadly only available on iOS at the moment but hopefully they will be coming soon to the Android app too.  

Moonpig Do Not Just Sell Cards!


Moonpig do not just make greetings cards. As part of our getting festive with Moonpig event, we were treated to a couple of brilliant demonstrations of some of the gifts that are available through the Moonpig app.

Firstly, I was gifted a wonderful set of flowers with a Christmas theme. And Roxanne from Moonpig held a flower arranging masterclass, teaching us how to create the perfect Christmas centrepiece.

Moonpig sell an amazing array of floral gifts that you can find here

Flowers are a wonderful long distance Christmas gift. And given the current turbulent times, we want to remind people that something as simple as sending a Christmas bouquet can be enough to reconnect with the people that we love and make their day. My flowers were absolutely beautiful!


My Christmas Flowers From Moonlpig


Secondly, we were sent a host of utensils and ingredients to make a series of Christmas inspired cocktails. Conor from Mix & Twist held the cocktail masterclass. Moonpig sells the vodka we used as part of their gift offering. But other spirits are available on the Moonpig app as well. 


Ingredients for a cocktail mixing class

All Moonpig’s christmas gift selection is available to view here. And there are not only alcohol based gifts. There is also a massive range of chocolate, toys and cuddly gifts that can be sent to mark that special occasion along with your personalised card.



Finally, as a gift to my readers, Moonpig have given me a discount code to share with you all. The Moonpig app is downloadable here:  And if you use the code  APP20CA you will be able to get 20% off all your personalised cards (this offer is only available on the app)

So, I hope that you too can find a way of getting festive with Moonpig this year. I had a brilliant time at the online event and it really put me in the Christmas spirit.

What do you think of Moonpig? I’d love to hear your comments. Comment below, or find me on social media.

2 Replies to “Getting Festive With Moonpig”

  1. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    I’ve ordered from Moonpig plenty of times in the past, but never on their app and not in the last couple of months. I had no idea about the AR feature, that’s pretty funky! I also love that you can add detail of your own by hand, such a good idea. I prefer the fact you can do it on paper too as doing it freehand on a tablet or with your finger on a trackpad isn’t very easy.

    It’s also fab that Moonpig are offering other treats, which I imagine more people will find useful given the current pandemic. The flowers look fab – thirsty work arranging those so I’m sure the cocktails went down nicely.

    Great write-up! I’m looking forward to trying Moonpig again for Christmas, maybe a ‘thinking of you’ card before then too as I’ve no other birthdays upcoming unfortunately.


    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I’ve used the app a couple of times since the festive event, and being able to handwrite a message is really easy to add. And yes, the AR feature is pretty cool.


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