Free Pattern For Bow Hair Tie

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I love finding uses for all my fabric scraps. And today I have a tutorial on how to sew a cute fabric hair bow elastic bobble using your stretch jersey fabric scraps. You can even use this free pattern for bow hair tie to make DIY fabric bows for baby head bands. Here is how to sew a hair bow bobble.

How To Sew Hair Bows

It is a little embarrassing that I have only just got round to sharing this DIY, as it was one of the first things I made for my little girl when I started to sew.

One of the first projects I set my heart on making was a simple skirt. And that was my first ever sewing tutorial that I shared on my blog over 5 years ago! But I had a little bit of fabric left over. And so I sewed a small fabric bow for her hair too. 

These days, my little girl prefers to wear her hair in a pony tail, so she uses a hair bobble, elastic or a scrunchie. But this is a lovely way of adding a little cute detail to a plain hair elastic. It is really lovely to have a matching hair accessory to go with a new dress or outfit, so this tutorial is the perfect way to achieve that.

And furthermore it is a quick and easy project that you can even sew by hand! So are you ready to learn how to make a fabric bow to add to a headband or elastic bobble? Then read on!

How To Sew Hair Bows – You Will Need


Materials needed to sew hair bows

  • Fabric – I upcycled an old baby grow, but you could use jersey stretch scraps. 
  • Coordinating thread
  • Some fold over elastic if making a headband.
  • Some plain hair elastics if making a hair tie.
  • Pins / Scissors / An Iron 
  • Optional sewing machine
  • My free Hair Bow Pattern

How To Make A Fabric Hair Bow 

Print out my pattern for a bow and cut out the template. Use this to cut two pieces of bow fabric.

Fabric cut out in bow pattern

Place the 2 pieces of fabric right sides together and sew around the edges leaving a turning gap of around 2-3 cm at one side in the centre. If using a sewing machine remember to back stitch at the start and end of your stitches. I use a scant 5-6 mm seam allowance if making this on my sewing machine, but you can also sew around by hand using a small running stitch.

Pattern for a bow sewn around the edge but a turning gap left

Turn the whole thing the right way out through the turning gap. Give the bow shape a good press. You can close the raw edge of the turning gap using a ladder stitch or sew shut by machine, but I actually tend to leave the raw edges open as they won’t be seen after the next stage anyway. 

Pattern for bow before attaching to hair elastic

Take the finished bow piece and center it over the hair elastic or folder elastic. Fold the ends of the bow piece over the elastic and tie a knot.

Your Fabric Bow Is Finished!

Now you know how to sew bows for hair you could even consider making these in different sizes to suit different occasions. I like making them smaller for tiny pigtail bows, or you may want a large bow as more as more of a statement. The choice is all yours!

With this free pattern for bow hair elastics, headbands or hair ties, you can sew cute matching hair accessories. How To Sew Hair Bows.


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I hope that this has given you some good ideas. Will you be making fabric hair bows? I would love to hear how you get on! Let me know in the comments, or find me on social media

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With this free pattern for bow hair elastics, headbands or hair ties, you can sew cute matching hair accessories. How To Sew Hair Bows.

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