Folded Paper Angel Ornament Tutorial

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I am always looking for ways of upcycling the things that we already have around the home. After birthdays, Christmas and other occasions you may have lots of greeting cards. And some of these may be unable to be recycled due to glitter or plastic coatings. So here is a great way of using up these cards to make something amazing and pretty. Here is how to make a folded paper angel ornament.

How To Make A Folded Paper Angel Ornament

I have seen lots of these angels made out of accordion folded paper. But you could use old books, old magazines or old wrapping paper. 

Today though I will be using old greeting cards, as I always have lots of these. Some I hate to throw away, and others I know cannot be recycled, so I like to find other uses for them.

These folded paper angels make wonderful decorations for your Christmas tree. But angels are popular all year around, so are a wonderful gift for any friend who loves all things to do with angels and angelic protection. You could even make mini paper angels to use as gift tags! 

Plus, this easy angel crafts idea is a brilliant project for making with the kids too as all they need to do is fold up paper to make fans.

So, would you like to find out how I made my pretty DIY angel ornaments? Heres how to make an angel.

You Will Need

Materials needed for folded paper angel ornament

  • Old cards, paper, stiff wrapping paper, book leaves, magazines or newspaper.
  • Scissors – obviously an adult may need to use these depending on your child’s ability.
  • Glue, a glue gun or a glue pen – I love the glue pen as there is no mess and they are great for using with children!
  • Ribbon or thread to hang your decoration. 

Take your old paper or card and I cut

  • 1 piece that was 6 inches by 5 inches
  • 2 pieces 3 inches by 3 inches
  • 2 pieces half an inch by 4 inches 

I like to use glitter or shiny card for the half inch thick pieces as these are going to be the head and halo. Glitter and shiny foil cards definitely cannot be recycled. 

making the concertina skirt

Fold the 6 inches by 5 inches piece of card and make half inch folds all the way along . Fold the concertina piece in half, and then glue the two sides of the lower half together to make a fan shape.

Fan skirt

Repeat with the two 3 inch by 3 inch pieces to make 2 smaller fans that are the wings

Making the concertina card wings

Fold one of the half inch pieces around your finger to make a circle. Fold the second to make a second circle that is a little larger (like a halo) Glue the circles to each other.

Making the head and halo for the angel

Assemble the angel by glueing the two wings to the skirt fan piece, and then glue the head with halo in place on the top of it all.

assembling the angel

Finally, thread a ribbon, thread or string through the halo to hang your angel. Alternatively you can use a hole punch in the top of the halo card as a place where you can tie the string.

And your angel is finished!

How To Make A Folded Paper Angel Ornament - this easy tutorial shows you how to make an angel from accordion folded paper, book leaves, upcycled greeting cards or magazines. Paper angels look gorgeous as Christmas tree decor. These DIY angel ornaments make great gifts & are perfect crafts for selling. Find out how to do this easy angel crafts idea that's also a brilliant craft to do with kids as all you need is paper, glue, scissors & ribbon. Perfect craft project for upcycling paper or card.

If you make a series of 3D paper angel ornaments of these you could even make a paper angel garland. You know I love my garlands! 

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  1. Carol says:

    Beautiful paper angels and I love to reuse and upcycle things. Pinned and tweeted. #MMBC

  2. Ruth says:

    This is a great idea! I work in a preschool and we often get used Christmas cards donated to us. This would make a perfect craft idea to make with the children.


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