Five Ways To Tell If Your Tyres Need Replacing

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If you only have a short commute, you might think when it comes to tyres, Birmingham is quite forgiving, and it is certainly not home to the worst roads in the UK. But there are some signs to look out for. Here are 5 ways to tell if your tyres need replacing. Or if they will need it in the near future.

Five Ways To Tell If Your Tyres Need Replacing



How Old Are They?

If your tyres are more than five years old, you may want to consider switching them out. And if they are ten years old, they should be changed without delay. Even if you are the most careful driver and keep your vehicle inside a warm and air-conditioned garage, after ten years the materials from which your tyres are made will begin to break down. Even if handled with kid gloves.

Check the Treads

Can’t remember the legal depth of your tyre treads? There is a quick and simple way to check them out. As long as you have a 20 pence coin lying about. Some drivers keep a few of these in their glove box for just such occasions!

There is a band running around the outer edge of the face of a 20 pence coin that is the perfect depth for testing the tread depth. If this band vanishes into the tread channels, then your tyres are fine. If, however, you can see that band, then the treads are too shallow, and your tyres should be changed as soon as possible!

Wear Plugs

Another quick and simple way to tell – and one that does not require any coins at all, is to check the wear plugs on the tyres. If the plugs are flush with the tread, then the tyre needs replacing. Whereas if the plugs are still hidden within the tread, then you are still good to go for a bit.

Slip Sliding Away

If you find your vehicle losing traction on roads that it has previously coped well with, this can be a sign that the tyres are losing their integrity. And if not replaced immediately, you should certainly keep an eye on them. Begin to plan for their imminent renewal.

tyre and wheel

Punctures Galore

A very common sign of a failing tyre is for it to start getting a lot of punctures or a slow leak that requires you to top up the air often.

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Remember its better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your tyres!


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