First Flat Essentials Every New Renter Needs

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You finally found the perfect flat in an area you love, with all your desired amenities. But walking into an empty flat can be intimidating. If you don’t approach it systematically, furnishing your new flat could be a stressful nightmare. The key to filling up all that empty space with stuff is to take it one room at a time. Start with things you’ll need on day one and work your way forward. Here are some first flat essentials every new renter needs.

First Flat Essentials Every New Renter Needs


First Flat Essentials Every New Renter Needs

*This guide was crafted by the expert team at Search Smartly– the property search tool that helps you find flats and houses based on the things that matter to you most!

Below is your guide to filling your new flat with all the essentials, broken down my most important room to the least important.



When buying new stuff for your flat, the bathroom is first. After lugging heavy boxes on moving day, you’ll definitely want to clean yourself up afterward. So make sure your shower or tub is working or that you have a curtain if needed.

This might go without saying but if you’re really, truly starting with an empty flat, you’ll need toilet paper. Even if you don’t have time to go out and buy groceries, at least grab a few rolls to get you through the first few days.

After the shower curtain (don’t forget the rings!) and toilet paper, you’re already halfway done stocking up the bathroom. Bathrooms don’t need a lot of décor or extra furniture, so stick to basics. Get some towels – enough for you and whoever’s living with you, skip the guest towels for now – soap, plunger, and any daily bathroom products like shampoo or face wash.

When the bathroom’s ready to go, you can focus on moving into the rest of your rooms.



The kitchen is arguably the second most important room to fill in your new flat, if you find eating more important than sleeping. The kitchen is also the easiest room to spend the most money in. Think about how many kitchen appliances and gadgets there are out there. If you’re not careful, you could end up with three different devices just for brewing a cup of coffee!

Focus on what you’ll need to make an average meal on a given day. You’ll need dishes, including plates, saucers, cups, mugs, bowls, and silverware. For baking and cooking, get one sheet for the oven and some pots and pans. You’ll probably need one large saucepan, a medium or small saucepan, and one medium or large frying pan. Get a few Tupperware containers and lids for food storage or leftovers as well. You will always need containers to put things in, whether it’s day one or day 400 in your flat.

Some useful day-one appliances would be a microwave to heat ready-meals when you don’t have enough food to cook yet, and a kettle for boiling water (for tea, coffee, or other instant meals).

Laundry/Utility Room


The laundry room or utility room is also an important, if overlooked room to furnish in your new flat. If your new place doesn’t come with a washing machine, you’ll want to get one in the first several days you’re there. Your utility room or storage area is also where you’ll keep all your cleaning supplies. Give your flat a good cleaning before unpacking, assuming your landlord didn’t have it professionally cleaned before you moved in.



Next up on your list is your bedroom. You need a place to sleep after moving in. If you don’t buy any other furniture on the first day, at least get a mattress that you can put on the floor. And don’t forget bedsheets and blankets.

A bedframe doesn’t have to be your next purchase if you’d rather spend your money on clothes storage. Because while a mattress with nice sheets is acceptable staying on the floor, your clothes and shoes scattered around is not. Get a dresser or wardrobe to put your stuff in. If money is really tight, you can get a stand with a bar and some hangers, to hang your clothes on. Inexpensive plastic containers also work well if you want to put off getting a dresser until later.


Other bedroom necessities would be an end table and a reading lamp. Even if you don’t read in bed, you’ll be grateful for the soft lighting before going to sleep and another place to set your stuff.

Living Room

living room


The living room or dining room is the last place you can furnish in your flat. You don’t need to worry about artwork or décor right off the bat; those items can get pricey anyway. One sofa, coffee table, armchair, and TV stand are all you need in the living room at first.

If you want to upgrade later, you can always add more furniture or reupholster your sofa. Collect decorative items gradually, focusing on getting pieces you like, within your price range. Only worry about a rug if you have non-carpeted floors and the temperature is too cold without one.

Wrapping Up


Moving into a new flat can be exciting, rather than stressful, if you have a plan for furnishing each room. Stick to this guide and your new place will be livable in no time!

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