Everything About Phone Number Trackers for Parents

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What is the biggest concern for every parent? Their children, of course! Their location, safety, and welfare; all adults start focusing on this as soon as they become parents. It is much easier to do when their descendants are at an early age, though. Children love their parents, spend a lot of time with them, and argue sometimes, but generally have no choice other than to do what the adults say. Even in terms of friends, they are usually children of their parents’ acquaintances or kids from the nearest houses.

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Phone Number Trackers for Parents


Learn everything you need to know about phone number trackers, how to use them, and legal nuances. Two location trackers are under the spotlight here.

Things start changing in middle school. The infamous separation from parents psychologists talk about yields results: children become more aggressive and buttoned up, start seeing their parents as despots, and often become nihilists. It is exactly the time when a location tracker by phone number can come in handy, as finding out where your child goes may become more challenging than anything you have experienced with them.

The Technology Behind Phone Number Tracking

There is nothing magical in phone number tracking. It is important to distinguish, though, between number tracking and device tracking. For the first one, you only need to know the number itself, while for the latter, you must install tracking software on the device. Now, we are talking about the number tracking.

The main challenge while using this method is privacy. As a matter of fact, government services such as 911, emergency, and police can trace a person by phone number without any permission. In some rare cases, private users, first and foremost, parents, can be added to this list.

The only method of number tracking available to private users is a SIM-based one. It works on well-known GPS technology and may not be very convenient in some situations, as the person you want to locate must open a tracking link to share their location. However, some services offer you different solutions for this issue.

Phone Number Trackers You Can Try

Most phone number trackers that do not require installation are online-based. They look like a search bar on the website where you must paste the phone number you want to track. Here are some titles you can try if you need to do so.


GEOfinder is a tracking service that can help you with:

  • finding the number location;
  • checking IP;
  • checking VPN connection;
  • tracking Wifi connection;
  • identifying the carrier.

Although the last one may seem pretty useless, other features help you locate a person by only their phone number. To do so, after you paste the number in the search bar on the website, you must compose a message the service will send to the person you want to locate. This message will accompany the tracking link. Its main goal is to convince your target to follow the link. As soon as they do so – you will see their location on Google Maps. You may not invent anything and write something like, “I am sending you the tracking link; I am worried, and I want to know where you are”. It can also be, “Look what a funny picture I found, LOL”. Contents depend on the level of trust between you and your child.

GEOfinder is also a good option to try if you have never used number tracker, as it has a 1-day free trial available to all new users. Check how it works and decide if you need it by simply contacting the support agent and asking them to activate the free trial for you.


LocationTracker.mobi has features similar to GEOfinder, but it works slightly differently. The first thing you are required to do after pasting the phone number is to upload a picture (you can choose any). The tracking link generated by this service will be linked to the picture, and you can send it via any messenger you want or share it via the service as an anonymous SMS.

When your target opens the link, they will see this picture and, basically, have no suspicions, as it is just a meme, cat picture, or a photo together with you. However, when they open it, LocationTracker.mobi gets their location info, and you can see it when logging into your account.

Main Problems You May Face Using Phone Number Trackers

The whole technology seems great and convenient, but unfortunately, there are some limitations that are not likely to be resolved in the near future.

  1. Tracking link. Yes, you do not need to install number trackers on your child’s cell phone, and it is a great plus as you can skip such steps as finding a way to get the phone in your hands,  installing the app on it, and so on. Instead, you simply generate a tracking link online, send it… And may get nothing if another person does not open it. Of course, you can convince them to open the link by sending a tricky message, but it may only work once.
  2. Ignored message. Some people may not read the SMS they get for ages, and the same goes for messaging apps. God only knows if they are lazy or have any other reasons to do so, but you can easily get location information from them in a year after sending the link.

There is quite an important question about the legality of such actions. But if you want to locate your child and they are under the age of 18, you can do so without worrying about any legal issues. In case your children have grown up already, you need their consent to track their location whenever you need to.

Final Word

Software to track people by their phone number is a great solution for parents who always want to know where their children are and if they haven’t gotten into any trouble. Services that allow you to do so are mostly online and do not require anything else but the phone number. They might be a bit tricky to use as they generate and send the tracking link, and after that, it all depends on whether your target opens it, but if they do – you will conveniently see where they are on Google Maps.


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