Effortlessly Change The Color And Design Of Your Manicure In Photos

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Manicure is one of the main elements of any woman’s look. Even if you have amazing makeup, your hair is well arranged, but the manicure is far from perfect or just messed up, then it can easily ruin your entire look. All the flaws in your manicure may be seen especially clearly in the photos. Sure, if you have to take a photo, but your manicure has been damaged right before taking a picture, your manicure can be repaired by a professional photo editor https://retouchme.com/service/manicure-app easily – it will correct the image in minutes.

Still, if you plan not to correct your manicure but to experiment more, the photo editor may easily help you with that goal as well. Even if you have planned to change the colour of your manicure entirely or remove some imperfections, you can accomplish these tasks easily by using a professional editor. The single thing you actually need to care about is to create good conditions for taking a picture – lighting, composition, distinct elements, etc. 

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Preconditions For A Good-Looking Manicure


If while planning your photoset you already know that your hands and nails should be emphasized especially, then save these true-and-tried tips to make your hands and nails look close to perfect:

  • Prepare your hands and nails. Make sure they look well-polished and groomed. They should be clean and neat. Still, if you are totally limited in time for making your hands and manicure look well, do your best to remove cuticle and gel polish residue at least. After taking pictures, you will be able to change the color of your nail to whichever you like by using the professional photo editor. And even if you don’t have time to clean your nails, these imperfections can be removed from the photos by using the same photo editor. 
  • Customize the lightning. This setting actually plays a crucial role when taking photos. In this course, refrain from using very bright light. It is also a good idea to make sure there are no extra shadows that may draw attention. Speaking about lighting, favor natural and diffused light. To reach this result, go outside or come close to a window. 
  • Draw special attention to the background and the composition of your future pictures. To make sure your nails look good in the shot, take care to avoid that there are no overly bright and flashy elements in the background. They can easily catch the viewer’s attention. Ideally, you should choose a simple, pastel or white, and the empty space behind. Only this background will allow your manicure to appear in the center of attention. If you would rather opt for some specific background, make sure it contrasts with your nails properly. The goal is to make your manicure the most striking element of the created composition. 
  • Apply unconventional approaches to design. In order to draw more attention to your nails, add some tricky and interesting elements there. For instance, you may opt to paint one or several nails in a different colour. Or to choose some non-standard painting or coat, like metallic. You may also apply beautiful pictures on your nails, glitter, and similar things. Wearing accessories on your fingers may also create a hook for your look. All of these tricks look amazingly in the photos. Still, you will also be able to adjust the taken pictures and change the color of your nails by using the photo editor. 
  • Experiment with different angles. Take a closer look at the angle with which you are happy with most. This greatly depends on the type of hand and its possible deficiencies. The right angle will help to hide some imperfections and will also make a hand look more graceful. This approach will directly positively affect the entire picture with a manicure. 
  • Adjust the focus of your camera. This strategy will help you to draw more attention to your nails. You may tune the focus manually. But, if you are a beginner, the best option is to apply autofocus. 
  • Be careful when you’re taking the picture. Avoid any mechanical damage to your nails during the photo session. Even if your manicure has been occasionally damaged, don’t worry. You will be able to cure its look by applying the professional photo editor. 

In Conclusion

Manicure is not about a look. It is also about style and character. Before taking the pictures with your manicure, make sure it looks well, without any obvious deficiencies or imperfections. If you are totally limited in time and cannot go to a manicure salon, the professional editor may easily cure the situation in seconds. It can also change even the colour of your manicure to any other you like. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with the designs and colors of your nails by simply using the professional photo editor.

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