Eco Friendly Products From Jungle Culture – Our Review

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If you read my blog regularly you will know that I love products that are sustainable and eco friendly. And so I was delighted when Jungle Culture got in touch to ask me to review some of their earth-friendly products. Here is what we thought of the eco friendly products from Jungle Culture. 

*Disclaimer –  Ad post – we were kindly sent some products to review by Jungle Culture, but all opinions are our own. For more details see the Disclosure Policy page.


Eco Friendly Products From Jungle Culture – Our Review 


Eco Friendly Products From Jungle Culture - we were sent a selection of earth friendly and sustainable gift ideas - see what we thought.

I am a firm believer of the ‘every little helps’ approach to being green. I do believe that just a few simple swaps around the home can lead us to living a much greener and sustainable life. And it really will help the planet. 

When you are out and about or on a night out, there is nothing worse than seeing plastic straws and cutlery littering tables and floors. Did you know that 500 million plastic straws are thrown away each year? And these won’t break down for over 200 years, and will still leave behind plastics.

Similarly, plastic disposable razors really have no place in the world today. Without a doubt we really need to be moving away from single use plastics, as they are polluting our planet and oceans.


Who Are Jungle Culture?


Jungle Culture are a great site to visit to purchase some sustainable and reusable alternatives. Founded in 2018, they sell earth-friendly plastic free products. Importantly their products are sourced ethically from all around the world, and they love to work closely with the artisans that make the products.

Amongst their wares they sell up cycled coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery and bamboo straws. But they also sell bamboo safety razors, stainless steel straws and plastic free razors. They sent us a selection of their eco friendly gift ideas.


Bamboo Handled Safety Razors


Firstly, Jungle Culture sent us one of their eco friendly safety razors.

Bamboo Handled safety razor

Plastic razors really are totally avoidable. And this bamboo handled safety razor is a brilliant alternative. With space for a double edged blade, it is weighted to ensure an easy shave for even the most novice of razor users. A great sustainable gift, it is made from durable chrome and natural bamboo. It just looks lovely. In addition, it comes with its own jute travel bag, which makes carrying it on your travels easy. Never buy a single use razor again!


Bamboo Cutlery Set and Pouch


Next, we were also sent this jute pouch containing a set of bamboo cutlery. The set comes complete with knife, fork, spoon and a straw with a coconut fibre cleaning brush. Altogether these items make a great set, and are a really sturdy set of utensils which would be perfect for picnic and lunch boxes.

Bamboo Cutlery Set and pouch

Moreover, the pouch is also a really sturdy design, as it has fastenings in three places. Consequently, this means that it remains very neat and flat once it is packaged away. The whole set looks really substantial and would make a wonderful sustainable gift. 


Bamboo Straws And Pouch


Finally, we were sent some bamboo straws and pouches. The straws were kindly personalised with our website name. 

Bamboo Straws And Pouch

Undoubtedly, using reusable straws is much better than using a disposable one. And they are so easy to slip in your bag. I even made a bamboo straw pouch which is a brilliant way to carry your straw with you everywhere.

The Jungle Culture straws are individually hand crafted in Vietnam. And Jungle Culture work closely with the family that makes them on their farm. They are the perfect eco friendly solution to plastic straws, and are made without the need for chemicals or pesticides. They are totally safe, organic and non-toxic.


In short, we were incredibly impressed with the quality of the products that Jungle Culture sent. They are clearly passionate about supporting the local farmers with who they work, and with helping to create a better environment for the future. In addition to this, their products are sourced ethically and are packaged with as zero waste as possible. I would have no problem recommending their goods and service.

Giveaway prize


To conclude, I do urge you to think about making some small swaps yourself. Why not take a look at my posts on making small bathroom swaps and kitchen swaps? Importantly, I do not believe that we can ever all be perfect. But even so, we can make a little difference, and if we all do this it could be a massive change to the planet. You could even try making your own eco friendly products.

What do you think of  these eco friendly products from Jungle Culture? Have you taken a look at their site?  I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment here, or holler at me over at my social media channels.

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Eco Friendly Products From Jungle Culture - we were sent a selection of earth friendly and sustainable gift ideas - see what we thought.


99 Replies to “Eco Friendly Products From Jungle Culture – Our Review”

  1. Suzanne says:

    The cutlery set is stylish and would be really useful.

      1. Margaret Gallagher says:

        Cutlery set – love them all for our eco quest

  2. Peter Friston says:

    In this time of waste and plastic pollution it is good that people are looking at alternatives

  3. Donna says:

    Awesome giveaway ~ I would love the Bamboo Cutlery Set and Pouch.

  4. Scott Webster says:

    Has to be the razor for me, would love to win this

  5. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    I love the brand name, Jungle Culture. Very funky! I feel a bit ashamed in realising that I’d never thought of my plastic razors before. I use the re-useable men’s one (better than women’s razors, I’ve found!) but still, it’s all plastic not-so-fantastic. I like the special touch given to the cutlery in the wrap and the way the straws can be personalised – now those would all make awesome Christmas presents! I take a mooch on their site now xx

  6. John Tingay says:

    The safety razor is my pick. Currently, any alternatives to plastic razors are ridiculously expensive.

  7. Andrea Upton says:

    I love the cutlery, would be brilliant for camping trips

  8. Pippa Ainsworth says:

    I’d love to try the straws, I’ve been looking for a travel set and these look great

  9. Ellie Spider says:

    the cutlery set looks lovely and I would like to try that 🙂

  10. Wendy Smith says:

    My hubby Tom is keen to be more eco friendly so the Bamboo safety razor would be perfect

  11. Rebecca Beesley says:

    Would love bamboo straws – My kids have long been aware of plastic straws being a problem and I’d totally be a hero to have bamboo straws for them to use!

  12. Globetrotter says:

    Love them all – but especially the bamboo razor

  13. Katie B says:

    I love the bamboo straws! I keep meaning to pick up some reusable ones but haven’t got round to it yet!

  14. Claire Driver says:

    Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws with Coloured Pouch

  15. Jo m welsh says:

    The cutlery because it would be really handy and love the look of it

  16. Mark R says:

    The cutlery set would be great to keep in the car for snack emergencies!

  17. joanne coulson says:

    The straws, we have always used straws for drinking any fizzy drinks and have recently changed to paper ones to be more eco friendly so these would be great for my family

  18. Jessica Jacob says:

    The safety razor is something I’ve been researching already…

  19. Kelly Cooper says:

    The Bamboo straws and pouch are great, we are always looking for ways to be greener.

  20. Helen Tovell says:

    The reusable razor as I think this would help the environment the most in our house

  21. Gayatri Gogoi says:

    A set of cutlery in a jute pouch would be perfect for packed lunches

  22. pete c says:

    the set of cutlery in a jute pouch would be my favourite

  23. Fiona jk42 says:

    My granddaughter would love the straws, and the cutlery would be perfect for my daughter.

  24. claire willmer says:

    The cutlery set in the jute pouch would be so useful!

  25. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    The set of cutlery in a jute pouch looks fab!

  26. Laura Corrall says:

    Definitely the jungle straws! With two kids they love straws and it means less spills, we want to move away from all the plastic.

  27. Rebecca Townsend says:

    The straws, I can’t bear paper ones, they go soggy after a few slurps of drink!

  28. Carolyn E says:

    The safety razor looks amazing. I love the ethos of this company

  29. Hayley Cunningham says:

    I would love the cutlery for work! Perfect to slip into my work bag and so beautiful!

  30. Susan B says:

    They would all be used and appreciated but the straws would be used first.

  31. Darren Bourne says:

    The straws. It would be good to give the kids straws that are better for the Environment.

  32. Angie McDonald says:

    I love the look of the cutlery in the jute pouch

  33. Lia Burns says:

    The bamboo cutlery set looks great, I love the little pouch

  34. Danielle Pooley says:

    The straws, I have two young sons so these would really help when they’re drinking.

  35. Carly Belsey says:

    The jungle straws look great. So much better for the environment.


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