Dutch Tulip Festival

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Looking at visiting the Netherlands? Well here is a sight that you do not want to miss. Have your very own Dutch tulip festival by visiting the right places at the right time. Find out more by reading on…

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Dutch Tulip Festival

One thing that Holland is well-known for, is their tulips. There’s literally fields as big as 1000 hectares out there, full of tulips and in all kinds of colors. Tulip bulbs will get planted into the ground and around April they will start blooming. It’s highly recommended visiting the fields or one of the many events during this period of time when you’re visiting The Netherlands. Below, we will discuss a few of those events. 


Dutch Tulip Festival - tulip field

Tulip fields

One of the most magical places to visit are the tulip fields. Here you will be surrounded by thousands of tulips, all in their full glory. Unfortunately it’s always a little gamble on when the tulips will start to bloom because of the weather, but normally these fields are at their best in between mid-April and the beginning of May. There’s also different weather forecasts that will predict when the tulips will start blooming. The fields will look gorgeous for around 2-3 weeks.

Want to visit a truly magical place? Then you might want to go to the Keukenhof Gardens. This park plants countless tulips and other flowers for visitors to enjoy every year, and because of this you will see real spectacles. Besides that, the fields will stay looking marvelous for a longer time because the focus is on the people wanting to enjoy this beautiful park.

De Keukenhof

Speaking of De Keukenhof, this is the place to visit when you love flowers. Close to Amsterdam, there’s no reason not to visit when possible. Keukenhof will open up between March and May and will blow you away with its beauty. Countless tulip bulbs will be planted by hand, with the result of having around 800 different kinds of tulips in the gardens. The garden has 32 hectares of flowers, and it attracts thousands of visitors per year. Did you know Keukenhof, besides being the biggest flower garden, is also the biggest statue garden in the Netherlands? This means that for art, you are also at the correct place.

Every year, Keukenhof comes up with a specific theme to keep their guests surprised. The theme for 2022 will be Flower Classics, centering around the fact that flowers have been part of all of our lives since the beginning. Be sure to experience mind-blowing shows and events with countless flowers and in the lead tulips. Besides being a huge park where you can walk through, there’s multiple facilities for kids to play at, and you can take a break at the few different terraces and restaurants that Keukenhof has. There’s something for everyone.

Dutch Tulip Festival - De Keukenhof

Flower Parade

Haven’t had enough of all these flowers yet? Then go and visit the world-famous Dutch Flower Parade that happens every year around the end of April. Hundreds of people voluntarily work on crafting truly beautiful floats that will leave you mind blown. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world visit this parade, not wanting to miss the magic that enfolds in front of their eyes. The route of this Flower Parade also crosses De Keukenhof.

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