Don’t Try This At Home: Four Projects You Should Hire a Tradesman to Do

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Once the DIY bug bites, it can be hard to know your limits. Whether you’re a DIY pro or you’re just getting your teeth into home improvements, make sure you know what you’re in for before you embark on any of these projects. There are some projects you should hire a tradesman to do

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Projects You Should Hire a Tradesman to Do

Projects You Should Hire a Tradesman to Do - tree surgery

Tree Surgery

The key thing to bear in mind where felling trees is concerned is that most of us aren’t born with the ability to operate a chainsaw. Using this powerful and extremely dangerous piece of machinery is a skill that is acquired and honed with great care and responsibility. If you’re willing to put in the hours to learn to use one, you’ll relish the opportunity to chop down some wood, but if not, then it’s well worth hiring a professional for the job. 

Carpet Fitting

Laying carpeting isn’t rocket science, is it? Surely you simply unroll it, measure it up, cut out the shape and stick it… oh no… you cut it wrong, and yes, that join is obvious! Once you have made the mistake of cutting your carpet incorrectly, you can’t cover up the error. So if you’re a perfectionist, prepare to have to traipse back to the store and buy a whole new carpet. While laying your own carpet might seem like a cheap option, it’s clear why many people end up finding a botched DIY more expensive than hiring a professional the first time around. See my other tips for choosing a new carpet.


While from the outside, building work might look like a grown up version of LEGO, structural home improvement is a notoriously difficult undertaking. Even though most people agree in principle that building projects should be completed by an actual builder, it only takes a thrifty loft conversion project to lure those DIY builders out of the woodwork. It might be thrilling to think that you could improve your property using your own bare hands. But a badly executed piece of work can undermine the value of your home. Avoid learning the hard way. Whether you’re dreaming of erecting granny flats or a garden walls, don’t make the mistake of assuming you can handle the job yourself. 


Similarly, adding important structural details such as a window or window sill may be something better left to the experts in this field.


workman with belt

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Oh, DIYers love to try their hands at tiling. Something about the regularity of the pattern and the reassuringly geometric dimensions. It seems to lull people into a sense of complacency when it comes to attempting a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Unless you’ve had a lot of practice, you’d be unwise to expect tiling even a small area to be a case of merely adhering a few tiles to your wall. What most DIY enthusiasts don’t realise is that the wall is your starting point, not the tiles. Before you lay your first tile you need to ensure that the wall itself is perfectly smooth. Otherwise you risk a lumpy, wave-effect once you’re done—not ideal. 


If you’re a DIY enthusiast, especially if you get good results, it can be tempting to believe you’re invincible when it comes to pulling off jobs usually reserved for the pros. Remember, some home improvement jobs—if you want them done well—require the mastery of serious skills. Which your average lay-person does not have. This list will help you decide whether it’s time to call in a tradesman. 

*This is a collaborative post*

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