DIY Rag Garland – Make Shabby Chic Bunting

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Are you looking for a cheap and cheerful home decor idea that is incredibly easy to make? Well look no further as todays post and tutorial ticks all those boxes. This rag garland DIY tutorial is so easy and will use up things you probably already have around your craft room. And because of this it will probably cost you practically nothing to make!

Furthermore, it’s a great way of using up pretty much any type of cloth you may have, so if you have any old clothing that you need to upcycle, this is a great way of using it up. Any way that we can prevent old clothes going to landfill is brilliant as far as I am concerned.

So would you like to know how to make a rag tie garland? Then read on!

How To DIY A Shabby Chic Rag Garland 

I always have an overflowing scrap bag. Whenever I make clothes or other sewing projects, I cannot stand to throw the pieces away and want to use every last scrap.

See my huge list of things that you can make with fabric scraps

This tutorial on how to make a rag garland is that simple that even the kids can help make it. Because it is no sew anyone can make it! In fact, if you have a community event coming up it is one of those crafts that everyone can get involved to help decorate using this diy rag decoration.

This tassel style bunting project is perfect for easy home decor (it would look great in a children’s bedroom), but also a brilliant idea for if you want some quick, cheap and easy garden, wedding or party decoration too. Because it has such a boho shabby chic vibe, it is wonderful for summer festivals and fetes. 

You can choose a set theme, colour scheme or just go completely random. I had a load of gorgeous Cath Kidston scraps left over from when I made my Fabric Christmas trees. I love Cath Kidston! So I decided to use them up. 


Supplies You Need For Your Rag Garland DIY

Supplies needed for rag garland diy - fabric scraps and scissors

  • Fabric Scraps 
  • Scissors
  • Twine or string just slightly longer than the length of the place you wish to hang your garland.



How To Make A Scrap Fabric Garland

Start by cutting your fabric into long thin strips. Mine measured around 8 inches by 1 inch, but you can make them as long or wide as you want. They don’t have to be exact, but do make them all roughly the same size.

Take your twine or string and fasten the two ends to something stable so that the twine is suspended quite taut between them. (I’ve tied them between my door handle and window handle in the past, it makes for a great family limbo!)

My twine was left in situ from a previous leaf garland that I made. (I broke off the leaves and composted them.)

Forming a loop with the fabric scrap behind the twine

Take a scrap fabric piece, and fold it over to make a loop at one end. Slide the loop behind the twine, fold the free ends over the twin and through the loop. Then pull the free ends tight. You end with quite a chunky knot that secures the scrap to the twine. 

The knotted scrap secured to the twine

Repeat this with a second piece. Once the knot is finished, such the knots together tightly to completely obscure the twine. Carry on repeating this until the twine or string is full.

And you have a finished rag garland! Once it is finished, you can decide whether you are happy with the length of all the pieces. Trim them if you need to.

Finally, hang the finished garland in position with strong tape, hooks or nails. 

Scrap Fabric Rag Garland


Got Some Fabric Strips Left Over?

If you have plenty left over after this rag garland tutorial, why not make a matching rag wreath? My tutorial on how to make a rag garland wreath shows you how easy this pretty door decoration is to make. These make perfect Christmas presents too.

Have you got leftover Christmas fabric scraps? Then why not make this incredibly easy fabric scrap Christmas tree?

How To Make A DIY Rag Garland

Scrap Fabric Rag Garland

Make this easy shabby chic no sew rag garland using up all your old scrap fabric. Or upcycle old clothes to make this pretty decor that is perfect for weddings, festivals, home and party decorations. Anyone can make it, even the kids, and it costs pennies to make, as it uses things you probably already have in your craft room.

Prep Time 20 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes


  • String or twine
  • Fabric Scraps


  • Scissors


  1. Cut your fabric into even strips. Mine were 1 inch by 8 inch but you can make them longer or wider.
  2. Secure the ends of your string or twine to two heavy stable objects so that the twine is suspended between them.
  3. Take a piece of scrap fabric, fold it to form a loop and slip this behind the twine as you are facing it.
  4. Tuck the free ends of the scrap through the loop and pull it tight to secure it with a knot onto the twine. Pull the ends downwards.
  5. Repeat this with more scraps. Push the knots together to obscure the twine, until you have completely filled the length of twine.
  6. Secure the finished garland securely with tape, hooks or nails.
  7. Enjoy your pretty homemade decor!

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How To Make A Shabby Chic Rag Garland DIY your own cute decor using scrap fabric. Great upcycling & zero waste idea for using cloth remnants. Make this rag bunting using fabric scraps or even by upcycling old clothes. Easy simple tutorial that even kids can make. Perfect decor for parties, festivals, weddings or children's bedrooms.

5 Replies to “DIY Rag Garland – Make Shabby Chic Bunting”

  1. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    I have a piece of tinsel that I’ve used for years on my fireplace at Christmas. I always love having it there and have thought before that I’d like to leave it year-round. Fabric bunting is a great alternative as you can use any design for any occasion or leave it in place for ongoing decoration. Really fab idea, I’d like to give this a go! xx

  2. Michelle says:

    This is so pretty! I’m thinking of making one for my craft room. I love the shabby chic look.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I love the fact that it will match my Christmas Cath Kidston bunting for Christmas, so I think it will be up for a while…


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