Discover the 8 Most Spectacular Tulip Festivals Around the Globe in 2024

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Festivals are specimens of joy and culture. They create a sense of amazement and excitement among local people. Think about it! If your locality is hosting a festival, will you not join it or go to watch it?

This is how it works. People like festivals, and festivals like crowds. With the advancement of technology, we are not getting a chance to attend virtual festivals. Well, this is not a good practice, though.

However, some festivals are so popular that people go to join from around the world. For instance, the La Tomatina festival is now world-famous. It started from a simple food fight among friends and now we all know what it means to people worldwide.

Without finding any real logic behind it, people go to the festival just to enjoy the place and its atmosphere. Similarly, a few tulip festivals are famous worldwide, and you might be a tulip lover. If you are, consider tulips for any occasion at home by getting them at home.

However, coming to the point, after March, the warm weather starts to summon flowers to bloom. Cities and towns across the globe are starting to prepare for the famous spring flower, the Tulip. You will find it to grow and bloom only for a few weeks every year, and thus, the craze is very high. Are you willing to witness the freshness of mass blooming around you this year?

Well, then, you have come to the right place to know your visiting spot this year.

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Amazing Tulip Festivals Worldwide

tulip festivals

Tulips, with their vibrant colors and elegant forms, have long been celebrated as heralds of spring. Across the globe, various regions host tulip festivals that attract millions of visitors each year. These festivals showcase breathtaking displays of tulip varieties, cultural performances, and local traditions.

Whether you are a horticulture enthusiast or simply looking for a beautiful way to enjoy spring, these eight tulip festivals are not to be missed in 2024. Even if you are a photography buff, Tulip festivals are worth visiting once in your lifetime.

Well, we don’t expect you to visit everything, but at least try to cover a few. The festivals that we have shortlisted for you will not upset you at all. Even visiting one place in your lifetime can be a big achievement on your own.

While planning to visit a Tulip festival this year, do not forget to get information about all that is famous. Yes, your friends can suggest you a few, but might miss something that you may like.

1. Keukenhof Gardens – Lisse, Netherlands

This place in particular is famous for its Tulip experience itself. So, before you visit there, understand that your priority is the flower- The tulip.

The Ultimate Tulip Experience

Keukenhof Gardens, often referred to as the “Garden of Europe,” is the most famous tulip festival globally. Located in Lisse, near Amsterdam, Keukenhof opens its gates from March to May. So you get a two-month span to make your trip flexible.

Moreover, as a visitor, you won’t be seeing only tulips as hyacinths and daffodils will be present there as well to make your trip worth remembering. It is also an indication that the festival will not be boring at all. The place covers around seven million flowers and spreads around 79 acres.

The meticulously landscaped gardens, artistic flower displays, and picturesque windmills create a quintessential Dutch springtime experience.


  • Themed Gardens: Each year, Keukenhof has a unique theme that influences the design of its floral displays.
  • Flower Parades: The vibrant Bloemencorso Bollenstreek parade features elaborate floats adorned with flowers.
  • Workshops and Exhibitions: Learn about tulip cultivation and history through interactive exhibits and workshops.

2. Canadian Tulip Festival – Ottawa, Canada

Here comes the historical adventure mixed with flowers. If you want to hone the history, this festival can be your choice this year. Canada never returns you empty hands and here is another example.

A Historical Celebration

The Canadian Tulip Festival occurs in May every year and is considered to be the largest tulip festival in North America. This festival also reflects Canada’s role in giving freedom to the Netherlands during World War II. Additionally, some gifts like tulip bulbs to the Dutch family expose a sense of culture.

This hint of history is going to make your visit worth remembering. It does not matter if you go on a solo adventure or keep your partners with you; the tales of the history of this place will surely touch your strings. Millions of people gathered here once to seek liberty and enjoy the essence of freshness and adventure through flowers.

Interestingly, over one million tulips bloom throughout the city, transforming Ottawa into a floral wonderland. Dont you want to experience such a marvelous transformation of a place?


  • Commissioners Park: The heart of the festival, featuring thousands of tulips along the shores of Dows Lake.
  • Cultural Performances: Enjoy concerts, dance performances, and culinary delights from around the world.
  • Historical Exhibits: Explore displays that detail the wartime connections between Canada and the Netherlands.

3. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival – Washington, Usa

When you walk the streets of Skagit Valley you will find that rural vibe that you are missing for years. In the urban jungle, you might have lost the sense of rural freshness which will again come alive with this adventure trip to the festival.

A Rural Delight

Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington State celebrates the region’s agricultural heritage each April. Since 1983, the festival has been benign and celebrated with many flowers, including tulips.

Also, the month-long celebration does not only contain one site but is spread across four different sections around the valley.

Visitors can drive through the valley, exploring fields of vibrant tulips and daffodils, visiting local farms, and enjoying small-town hospitality.

Finding a perfect delight in your free days can be not more adventurous than Skagit Valley tulip festival. Also some side attractions like art shows, quite walk and street fair will blow your mind.


  • Tulip Town and RoozenGaarde: Two main display gardens offering stunning tulip varieties and photo opportunities.
  • Art Shows and Markets: Discover local crafts and art, as well as produce at various festival venues.
  • Farm Tours: Gain insights into tulip farming and bulb harvesting processes.


4. Istanbul Tulip Festival – Istanbul, Turkey

With the cultural significance this particular festival creates an atmosphere which every people would like to experience. This is where east and west becomes the same. There is no boundary between cultural entertainment and freshness.

Where East Meets West In Bloom

The Istanbul Tulip Festival, held in April, transforms the historical and cultural landscapes of Istanbul with millions of tulips.

Flowers do not allow boundaries to overcome the scenic beauty they possess. So, it’s time to embrace the culture with the blooming beauties around.

Turkey, the original home of the tulip, celebrates this flower in various parks and gardens throughout the city, most notably in Emirgan Park, Gulhane Park, and Sultanahmet Square.


  • Emirgan Park: One of the largest parks in Istanbul, featuring intricate tulip festivals, displays and stunning Bosphorus views.
  • Cultural Events: Enjoy traditional Turkish music, dance, and art performances.
  • Tulip Carpet in Sultanahmet: Witness the world’s largest tulip carpet, a spectacular floral mosaic laid out in the heart of the city.

5. Tonami Tulip Fair – Tonami, Japan

Japan, the land of cherry blossoms and castles, is now a perfect festival destination for your next tulip trip. Besides the religious sites and buffs, the country also has beautiful natural features, which makes it a country with people who live longer than others.

Now, let’s explore what the Tonami Tulip Fair has to offer you!

A Japanese Floral Fantasy

The Tonami Tulip Fair, held in Toyama Prefecture each April, is Japan’s premier tulip festival. At this fair, you will find over three million tulips around you, creating a picturesque setting altogether.

While you are not the only person visiting this place for the first time, try to cherish the unique Japanese aesthetics. Yes! It’s a floral aesthetic that will blow your mind, but not only that! Tomani Fair offers a range of flower celebrations you have never experienced. Let the suspense be at it until you visit there and crack it.


  • Tulip Art: Admire intricate tulip sculptures and floral arrangements.
  • Light-Up Events: Experience the beauty of tulips illuminated at night.
  • Cultural Performances: Enjoy traditional Japanese performances and cuisine.

6. Spalding Tulip Festival – Spalding, England

If you have ever visited England you know how sophisticated the culture is. With splendid tulip festival held in Spalding, the sense of culture steps up with beauty and charm.

A Blossoming Tradition

Though historically famous, the Spalding Tulip Festival in Lincolnshire, England, had faded from prominence but is seeing a revival in recent years. This festival, traditionally held in May, celebrates the region’s tulip-growing heritage with parades, flower displays, and community events.

So, if you want to experience everything about tulip, this is the place to explore. The ups and downs are there but if you are a flower lover you will get to experience the best festival in the world for sure.


  • Flower Parade: A vibrant procession of flower-covered floats and marching bands.
  • Garden Tours: Visit private gardens and tulip fields in the surrounding countryside.
  • Craft Fairs: Discover local arts, crafts, and regional delicacies.

7. The Tulip Festival – Canberra, Australia

Australia, the land of Kangaroos, is also a land filled with various flowers and one signficant part of it considers tulip. So, if you want to make your choice for one festival this year, think about it! Canberra is known for its spring nature!

A Southern Hemisphere Spectacle

Floriade, Canberra’s annual tulip festival, held from September to October, is the largest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere. If you want to enjoy the flowers around you and nothing else, then no festival will be your choice. But if you like people being around you, then this can be your destination.

This vibrant event showcases over one million flowers, including tulips, in the capital city’s Commonwealth Park.


  • Themed Garden Beds: Each year features a different theme, inspiring creative floral displays.
  • Workshops and Demonstrations: Participate in gardening workshops and floral art demonstrations.
  • NightFest: An after-dark experience with illuminated gardens, live music, and entertainment.


8. Haarlem Tulip Festival – Haarlem, Netherlands

The Netherlands is more than football, and you should know about them for their incredible tulip festival in Haarlem.

A Historic Bloom

In the heart of the Netherlands’ tulip-growing region, the Haarlem Tulip Festival offers a more intimate and historic take on tulip celebrations. W

Why it’s historic?

Well, there is no war story in it. In fact, it can take you back to the native homes which created gardens across for producing tulips. Held in April, this festival combines floral beauty with Haarlem’s rich cultural heritage.


  • Historic Gardens: Explore tulips in the context of Haarlem’s historic homes and gardens.
  • Local Tours: Guided tours through the bulb fields and historic sites of Haarlem.
  • Tulip Museum: Learn about the history of tulips and their cultural significance in the Netherlands.

Dutch Tulip Festival - tulip field


Tulip festivals around the globe offer a delightful way to celebrate spring and appreciate the beauty of tulips. If you are a flower lover you know that it is one of the world’s most beloved flowers. Each festival provides a unique experience, reflecting the cultural and historical context of its location.

So, when you visit any festival among the mentioned, you will always find a sense of history with a beautiful story behind it. Also it is a chance for you to admit the cultural essence that creates a different feeling when you visit those places. Also, while finding your way back to freshness flowers can give you a new sense of natural beauty altogether.

Whether you are wandering through the vast gardens of Keukenhof or enjoying the intimate charm of Haarlem, these festivals are sure to leave you enchanted by the timeless allure of tulips. Plan your visit to one of these spectacular festivals in 2024 and immerse yourself in a world of color, fragrance, and joy.

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