Dentemp Temporary Dental Cement Products

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Right now you could be finding it hard to access regular medical or dental care due to these ongoing turbulent times. But what if you are having dental issues, have lost a crown or a filling? Well, that is where a temporary dental cement such as Dentemp Dental Products may come in very handy. These over the counter temporary fillings and crown (cap) cements can help you until you can get the professional help you need.

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Dentemp Temporary Dental Cement Products – Our Review 



Getting a dental appointment right now may be incredibly difficult. Whether you are searching for a small village dentist or a dentist Leighton Buzzard way, it may not even be possible to find a dentist. So that may mean that you may be finding it hard to be seen. And what happens if you are having problems? 

I would always advocate that you should ring a dentist and try to get an emergency appointment in the first instance if you are having problems. They will listen to what issues you are having, and make an appropriate appointment. If you are having severe worsening pain or swelling then a medical professional will be the only thing that will help.

But until you can be seen by a dentist, these  Dentemp products may just help you through. 

Dentemp Refil-It


This is a temporary filling material that is a repair when you have lost a filling. It has a pleasant cherry taste, and is eugenol free.

Dentemp Refil-It


Dentemp Recap-It


This is a cap (crown) repair material. This fast-acting, no mix and convenient liquid formula quickly reattaches loose caps and crowns and you can eat on it in 60 minutes.

Dentemp Recap-It


Dentemp Loose Cap And Lost Filling Repair


This is a ready to use temporary filling and crown recementing paste. A dentist developed, this easy to use formula is safe and strong. And it temporarily recements loose caps and crowns and replaces lost fillings, whilst providing instant pain relief.

Dentemp Loose Cap and lost filling repair


All of these materials come with detailed instructions for use on the rear of the packet.


And they also give guidance on when not to use them.


This is vitally important. Like I said before, do contact your dentist if you have any dental issues.

Please do note, these products should not be used if you have a throbbing pain or swelling in the affected area. If this is happening, or occurs after using these products, you should consult your dentist immediately.

At the end of the day, these products are sold as a temporary remedy and are not a permanent solution. Please see your dentist or dental professional as soon as possible for permanent work to be performed. If you do not see your dentist promptly this may cause you to suffer severe infection and injury.


All these Dentemp dental products can be purchased at Boots, Amazon, and most good pharmacies.



Dentemp Temporary Dental Cements Products


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Dentemp Temporary Dental Cement Products. What if you have dental problems but can't or get a dentist appointment? These temporary repairs may help. These temporary dental cements for replacing lost fillings and recementing loose crowns are very useful to have if you have a dental emergency. Always make an appointment to see a dentist to get the dental issue professionally resolved. But these products can temporarily give relief and repair the broken tooth or crown.


55 Replies to “Dentemp Temporary Dental Cement Products”

  1. Caz / InvisiblyMe says:

    What a fantastic review & brilliant giveaway! You know, this sounds pretty ignorant, but I didn’t even know there were products for loose fillings, caps or crowns. My parents have struggled a lot with their teeth, but they are in their 70s now. The times they could have done with these bad boys..!

    Good luck to everyone entering

  2. Heather Haigh says:

    Re-cap it, I have had a crown come loose at the wrong time more than once.

  3. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    The lost filling repair. I lost a filling a while ago and thankfully it is not painful but I keep poking it with my tongue!

  4. Carole Nott says:

    The lost filling repair kit looks like an excellent stand-by to have

  5. Jo Jones says:

    Dentemp Loose Cap And Lost Filling Repair would be great as a stand by rescue kit

  6. Paul Scotland says:

    I would find the refill the most useful – why?, that is because a filling can come out anytime; also it is good if one has a large decay before the dentist can work on it

  7. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    The filling repair would be handy to have for emergencies.

  8. thecatwhisper says:

    I have a hole in my wisdom tooth and I’m awaiting the hospital date to have it removed so the filling kit for me

  9. Laura Corrall says:

    My hubby has lost a filling, so definitely the Dentemp Loose Cap And Lost Filling Repair kit would be amazing whilst we are unable to go to the dentist.

  10. Ellie Spider says:

    the refill-it for fillings as I have in the passed lost a filling and it wasnt pleasant

  11. Victoria Prince says:

    Dentemp Loose Cap And Lost Filling Repair. How useful would these be!

  12. Emily Hutchinson says:

    The filling kit would be reassuring, you never know when you might need it

  13. Iris says:

    The filling repair would come very useful at the moment as I have lost part of a filling

  14. Rebecca Beesley says:

    the re-fil it temporary filling. I’m always worrying about the worst happening as i have so many fillings from childhood.

  15. Mandy Doherty says:

    I recently lost a crown so the Re-Cap It would come in really useful

  16. Troy Easton says:

    Recap it Cap and Crown repair I love it would be helpful.

  17. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    Dentemp Loose Cap And Lost Filling Repair would be useful x

  18. Gayatri Gogoi says:

    The cap and crown repair would be great for my mum

    1. Jeanette Leighton says:

      I would love to win for my mum she is having so much trouble lately with her teeth and can’t get them sorted because of covid she would love the filling repair kit

  19. Fiona jk42 says:

    The lost filling repair. I lost a filling recently, and have been unable to get an appointment to fix it.

  20. George Wright says:

    Refill-it because my partner has lost a filling.

  21. Jayne Townson says:

    The Dentemp Refil-It would be so handy, thanks for the chance to win.

  22. fiona d says:

    Any of the repair kits/adhesives, my crown came out half way through the 1st lockdown, it anchored my false teeth so it was a double whammy, I bought some dental cement but it was useless. Can’t go to the dentist as our youngest son is clinically extremely vulnerable so have only left the house once, (very briefly!), since March…heavens knows when it will be safe enough for me to go again…at least no one can see me except for immediate family!

  23. Darren Bourne says:

    The lost filling repair. Our dentist appointments have been postponed for months due the current situation.

  24. Tracy Barber says:

    The filling kit would be very handy to have for emergencies especially as we don’t know when or if we’ll ever be able to go to the dentists again

  25. Kate Cunningham says:

    The lost filling repair. I’m always worried something might happen when I am abroad on holiday.

  26. Laura Pritchard says:

    The Lost Filling repair kit – I’m due my 3 yearly filling loss!

  27. Adrian Bold says:

    The Dentemp Loose Cap And Lost Filling Repair would be rather helpful. Thanks for the competition.

  28. DEBBIE MILLER says:

    The lost filling repair would be so useful… My dentist is a train ride away (no available dentists in my home town) which in the current situation, is not ideal…. I have had several fillings done prior to lockdown and dread to think if any of them fell out…… x


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