D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019

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If you are anything like me you have a huge list of jobs to do around the home. Are you thinking about D.I.Y. and home renovations in 2019?

People are spending more money on doing their property up and renovating where they live rather than moving. The trend is to stay where we are, possibly as house prices aren’t moving or people are a bit uncertain of the future after Brexit.

So maybe it is time to do some renovations in your own home.

D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019

We live in an Edwardian townhouse. Built in 1907, it is made of stone with slate roofs and lots of period features. I’ve lived here for nearly 20 years, but actually tend to be someone who puts off doing big jobs. And now I have a big list!

The Kitchen

I actually think my kitchen may be nearer 30 years old! It is a major part of my to do list. We have a galley kitchen, so the layout probably won’t change much, but I’d like something a but more light and airy, with more clever use of the space for storage, and perhaps this will make room for a dishwasher. It is a big job, and it is definitely going to be done in 2019!

D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019 - old kitchen

My dream kitchen would look more like this.

D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019 - ideal kitchen

I think I would go for the bevelled white trentie tiles like the one below though. They will  just never date, but are very on trend right now.

D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019 - tiles

*Update* – This is how my kitchen looked when finished – see how I planned the renovation here

Downlighting can really change the way that the room looks

The Bathroom

I actually had my bathroom redone a few years ago, but last year we had a leak in the ceiling and it is going to need replastering.

Some jobs you need to hire experts to do!

I love my bathroom space. It is such a haven. The Edwardian house really lent itself to the grey or monochrome colour scheme. I actually thrifted the pictures by printing out some pebble pictures from a royalty free site and spray painting the old frames white.

D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019

The bath is ah duchess freestanding bath with ridged bath feet and a mixer tap with shower attachment. My little girl loves bath time.

D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019

We used the old toilet and wash basin and just changed the taps, levers and toilet seat when updating.

See how I cleaned my toilet limescale away! 

The Hallway

My hallway is one of the most well used areas of the house, and gets by far the most traffic. For that reason I thought that it is really important that this is a wooden floor.

D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019

Our only problem in the hallway is that our two cats love to shred the carpet at the foot of the stairs. They have actually ruined the bottom two steps, and so this is on my list of things to do. See my tips on what to think about when buying a new carpet.

Colour Schemes

I love a neutral colour scheme, there is a lot of cream, beige and neutral light browns around my house. My go to paints are usually by Farrow and Ball, even when we renovated a room for our little one before she was born we stuck to a neutral scheme.

D.I.Y. and Home Renovations in 2019

But my bedroom is a really calming light lavender blue colour.

See some other bedroom ideas.

The Garden

We actually have more of a yard than a garden. This year we have bought our daughter a wooden Wendy house for Christmas, so I am looking forward to putting that up and renovating the garden around it. We also need a new back gate, as our old one blew down in the recent bad weather.

Artificial grass could still be an option, our neighbour has put it over their decking.

The B&Q website has over 6,000 products that you can buy online but, you can now browse over 35,000 products including paint, power tools, lighting and many, many more. You can simply select your chosen items to build your project-shopping list whilst browsing at home. The website can tell you if the products are in stock nearby. Once you have completed your choices, you can print off and take your list into your local B&Q store to purchase.

Want to see some other wonderful ways to make your house have that luxury hotel feel? See this post from Yaya at MyDreamality

DIY and Home Renovations

Have you got plans to do D.I.Y and Home renovations in 2019 rather than moving? I would love to hear your ideas. Do contact me in the comments below, or follow me over on my social media channels.

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  1. Nicole Garaham says:


    Very Good Article. I really appreciate it.
    Well researched article. Now you got one regular visitor to your website for new topics. Keep up the Good Work Thanks for always sharing.

    Nicole Graham

  2. Jo Boyne says:

    I think so many people will be DIYing rather than moving in the current year. Good luck with all your plans and thank you for reading!

  3. Karen Ching says:

    I’ve read an article before that says know the things that you can DIY and those that you can’t. And I’m still stuck thinking I can’t DIY anything! Ugh, I’ve been wanting to change a lot of things in the house.

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      I’m fine with painting as long as the area is not too high. I do hate glossing. But yes, if in doubt, get someone in who knows what to do!

  4. Jon Muller says:

    You can also add comfortable chairs and table in your garden. It would be fun to spend the afternoon tea with cutesy garden set and throw pillows. Another area of the house which is often overlook when it comes to renovation is the home office if you have any. Sometimes a home library could serve the same purpose and you can simple apply the color scheme you have shared in this area to keep the renovation to a minimum.

  5. Antonette Bailey says:

    Hi, really good article and appreciating work. Thanks For Sharing. Keep up the Good Work and keep writing the wonderful article like this.

  6. Katy Gulick says:

    Jo I loved what you did with you bathroom adding a duchess freestanding bath. It is an absolute delight to see. I also have cats BTW and they shred everything

    1. Jo Boyne says:

      Glad it is not just me that lives with a shredded house. Thank you for reading.

  7. Jamie says:

    Great post! I am saving money for home renovation! Your article is really helpful. I am considering to do as much DIY as possible to save money. Thanks for sharing.

  8. RK Build says:

    Thanks for sharing various house renovations points. I had a really good time reading your post and got to know so many different ideas of renovations.

  9. Jude Bray says:

    Thanks, Jo Boyne for the nice article. I appreciate what you did with your bathroom adding a duchess freestanding bath. It is an absolute delight to see. I also have cats BTW and they shred everything


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