Cricut Leather Projects You Can Sell

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Last year, my partner bought me a Cricut machine. And so I have been discovering that some of my favourite things to make right now are Cricut leather projects and Cricut faux leather projects. Some of these are just perfect to sell too. Are you wondering what to make with faux leather sheets or trying to find upcycled leather cricut projects? Well here are some Cricut maker leather projects that you can sell.

Cricut Leather Projects To Sell

Whether you have some old leather clothes or some faux leather sheets, these cricut leather crafts are easy to make. Some of these cricut leather ideas require some glueing or sewing once the pieces are cut, but there are also a couple of no sew faux leather projects in this guide. 

How To Cut Leather With Cricut Machines

Personally, the best way I have found to cut leather is to go to Etsy and find some SVG files that you can upload into Cricut design space. I shall be sharing my favourites later on in this guide. 

You may be able to find Cricut leather patterns or cricut leather projects free on the internet, but quite a few of the SVGs on Etsy are easy to work with and are relatively cheap. Just make sure that the creator of the SVG pattern allows resales of the project by small creators. You can usually find this information in the description of the product.

Next, when cutting leather with any Cricut or cutting machine, I like to use a strong grip mat. This ensures that the leather stays firm whilst the cutting blade is moving. If you still find that the grip is not enough or you have particularly troublesome Cricut leather sheets, you can also use some sticky tape or Scotch tape to hold around the edge of the leather piece during the cutting process.

So are you ready for some ideas of leather and faux leather projects to sell? Read on

Cricut Leather Projects Ideas

Cord Organizers.

The first of our leather or faux leather Cricut ideas are these simple DIY Leather Cord Organizers. You could use a cord organiser pattern to make these, or just cut a long piece of leather with rounded ends and use kam-snaps to close. 

Leather cord organiser

Leather Chapstick Holders

The next Cricut leather craft are these leather chapstick holders. These are such a useful item that they are perfect to sell. A chapstick holder svg and a little but of sewing or glueing, and all you need is a keyring or claw clasp to complete your project.

Cricut chapstick holders

Coin Holder Keyrings

Just like the chapstick holders, these coin holder keyring are perfect for having attached to your bag or keys to keep handy. Lots of svg coin holder patterns are available. And again all that is needed is a keyring or claw clasp to complete the item ready to sell.

Coin holder keyring


Leather Earrings

I love these DIY Cricut leather earrings, they make brilliant gift ideas, and look even better made up using a metallic leather or faux leather. You can buy lots of cricut leather earring svg patterns on Etsy. All you need is an earring making kit with findings and jump rings to finish the earrings to sell.

Cricut leather earrings

Leather Bows

This was one of the first leather projects with Cricut maker that I made, and they remain a firm favourite in my house, especially with my 8 year old daughter. These bows can be glued or sewn together onto a clip or onto a hair tie. I actually used a pattern that comes with the Cricut Access subscription, but you can buy a very similar bow pattern on Etsy. You just need some hair ties or clips to make these perfect for selling.

Cricut Bows

Wristlet Keychains

A DIY keychain wristlet is a great gift idea, and also a cute key fob is the perfect thing to sell if you are looking to make money from your sewing hobby. There are plenty of svg keychain patterns on Etsy, and all you need is some wristlet hardware to finish your project ready for sale.

Leather wristlet keychain

Leather Pen Holders

I personally love to keep my pens firmly connected to my notebooks, so notebook pen holders are a really good idea for me. Cricut leather pen pouch svgs make it easy to make your own.

Cricut leather journal pen holder pouch


Small Keyring Pouches

Finally, small Cricut cut pouches are a brilliant idea to sell. These pouches are ideal for keeping EarPods or loose change handy. I love this pouch svg pattern.

Cricut leather pouch


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