Creepy Halloween Jars – Upcycled Decorations

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Nothing says Halloween more for me than sitting down with my little girl and doing some crafts. And today’s tutorial is something that the whole family can get involved with. These creepy halloween jars are a brilliant upcycled decoration idea for the spooky season. 

I always have plenty of glass jars in my recycling area at the end of a week. And this simple DIY project is a great way of using some of them, which means a lighter bag going to the bottle bank! These DIY Jar Luminaries are quick and easy to make, and will look great on your mantle piece or dotted around the home.

How to Make Creepy Halloween Jars 



Do you have a Halloween party for younger guests coming up? These DIY halloween decorations are the perfect idea for not so scary decor, and far more suitable for a younger audience.

My little girl is only 5, so I do not do really scary Halloween decor. For instance, she would be too scared if I made gory Halloween specimen jars or anything blood related. So these jar luminaries set just the right level for us right now.

What You Will Need 

Materials needed to make Creepy Halloween Jars

Print out the template and use paints or colouring pens / pencils to colour this in. I used different colours at first, but actually found that the all black versions were much more effective. Cut out the finished coloured template. It may also be worth tracing the template onto black paper and cutting this out instead. You may want to use the whole template as a whole piece, or cut it into sections to make it easier to use.

Cut out template

Apply some of the glue stick to the front side of the template and stick the template to the inside of the jar. You can also use stained glass paint inside your jar to give the glass a transparent colour. 

Sticking the template to the inner jar

Pop a fake tea light into the lid, place the jar over the top and you have a finished luminary. I had several jars, and my jar lids were made of plastic, so I could make a hole to insert a little of the LED light garland through each of the lids. 

The light shines from behind the silhouette of black, which looks brilliant in low lighting! Stand back and enjoy your mega easy quick Halloween decor!

The Finished Decorations


The Finished Creepy Halloween Jars

Because the decoration has been applied inside these jars, they are not suitable for real candles, but they are perfect for fake candles, and as the fake tea light can be placed into the lid and the jar screws over the top, it makes them a great waterproof decoration ideal for a spooky garden too!

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And also see my competition to win this neon effect message board – which is perfect to use as Halloween decor!

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Creepy Halloween Jars - These spooky upcycled DIY decorations are quick, easy & small child friendly. Perfect for a younger child's party!

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