Crafting Hobbies the Whole Family Can Try Together

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It can sometimes be difficult to try and find fun new activities to do with your children, especially if you are looking to do things that don’t cost the earth and don’t involve leaving the house in the colder winter months. One of the most exciting things you can do with youngsters is to get into crafting. Your children can unleash their creative sides and have fun exploring new hobbies and learning new skills, all while you are in the comfort of your own home. This article will share some ideas for fun family craft activities you can try with your little ones that are cheap and will ensure you have hours of fun together.

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Fun Family Craft Activities

Family Craft Activities


It’s so important to cherish the memories you make with your children, especially when they are still young. A fun way to do this is to create a family scrapbook. You can gather lots of your favourite photographs from over the years and come up with your own photo album full of pictures and keepsakes. Make sure you have plenty of papercraft essentials so you can come up with your own unique designs. These could include stencils, themed paper and stickers.

DIY board games

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned board game? With so many devices to choose from these days, the older traditional board games are often overlooked. But they can provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

You could use some big pieces of card to make your own games like snakes and ladders, or even come up with a personalised trivia game with questions based around your family members’ likes and dislikes. The possibilities are endless!

Air-dry pottery

Let your children’s imaginations run wild with air-dry pottery. Unlike kiln-fired ceramics which take a long time to make, air-dry pottery is a quick and easy way to have a go at making things such as mugs, dishes and knick-knacks your children can keep in their rooms. They’ll have the freedom to make pottery items in whatever shapes and designs they like, so it’s a really exciting way to let their creative juices flow.


Painting supplies are easy to come by and cheap to purchase, and they provide your children with hours of fun. Set up a space in your kitchen or dining room where you can let them get their hands dirty. And let them create their own works of art.

Nature-inspired crafts

Head out into the garden with your little ones and go on the hunt for mixed-media to create your own nature-inspired crafts. Things like dried leaves, flowers, sticks and stones are easy to find and you can bring them back inside the house and create a seasonal-themed collage.

Autumn Leaf Candle Jar DIY - how to make pretty fall decor from an upcycled jar & some leaves. Simple effective fall themed teal light holder.

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